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Day 286 – It Doesn’t Cost A Thing To Smile

Quiet night for us tonight, which is just as wonderful as our big family nights. It was just Abby and me tonight, sitting in her bed, chatting about all kinds of things. This girl never fails to make me smile.

Day 286 - It Doesn't Cost A Thing To Smile

I’ll have to take a better picture of her room at some point, if she doesn’t mind. 🙂 I had asked her when she moved in if she wanted to set up her room herself even though I already had a few things in there for her. She said that she likes my decorating, so I set up a little more for her, and she’s added her own personal touches. I love going in there to see what little things she has added over the past week.

I’m cuddling with Aldwyn right now while I type this and he’s being an ass, so I have to go and put him back in his place. *grins*

[I’m totally kidding, btw. We know who wears the pants in this family.]

[Well, yeah, it’s me. But whatever.]

[I’m glad he doesn’t always read my blog.]

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