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Day 296 – In The Quiet of the Evening

I started writing this last night but well, sometimes I’m really distracted by the television.

Last night we just hung out up in the “big house” on my platform. I love the house, but it’s wayyyy too big for us to have down on the ground [because I’d lose my mind trying to decorate it], so I keep it up in the air and usually open boxes in it. We just sat and chatted on Skype while doing other things.

Day 296 - In The Quiet Of The Evening

So The Arcade is coming up! I’m excited, because I like stuff. LOL! I told Aldwyn not to break out into a cold sweat JUST quite yet because I haven’t seen too too much that I will die if I don’t get…but then again, I haven’t seen all the stuff yet either. We WILL be doing a yard sale on Bluebonnet again, so if you’re more of a yard sale person during Arcade time [trust me, I do not blame you if you are!], keep us in mind when you go shop.

I really should be preparing for the snow to hit Bluebonnet. I want some new landscaping items for the snow, so I guess I should also be shopping. But… I think it’s definitely lunchtime.

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