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Day 298 – A Gentle Place

I didn’t really plan on writing again until after the holiday, but I’m taking advantage of the quiet right now while I wait for my last pan of cornbread to cool down so that I can put it into the tupperware to be transported in the morning. It’s nice to have some time to myself before bed. Not that I ever mind company, of course. šŸ™‚ But it’s been a very “loud” day, as the day before a holiday often is.

In between cooking and hanging out with Abby and my new niece, Gigi, I worked on our new snowy land. It’s not anywhere near finished, but I think it’s coming along.

Day 298 - A Gentle Place

I still have to finish winterizing Renee’s garden, and get the new Enchanted Pond with the seasons in it, and move some trees around. But it’ll get there.

Oh heck. The Arcade Shopping Guide is out. I guess I’ll be making my list this weekend of things that I want!

But now that my cornbread is cooled down, it’s time to pack it up and then get in bed.

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