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Day 302 – And Then A Quiet Cup Of Tea

It’s late, almost midnight by SL time, and my family have all gone off to bed. It was a good day. Abby and I went to an amusement park that was quite awesome, and we rode rides and had hot chocolate. Well, she had hot chocolate. I had coffee because you have to have a lot of energy to keep up with her! We went under the sea and into space! We ended our evening together with a snuggle and a chat. She really is a joy to talk with. An hour or so after I got her off to bed, Aldwyn showed up and we sat and chatted for a while before he needed to also get some sleep since he’s got things going on this coming week that require a lot of brain power.

So with my two loves tucked in, I meant to start in on decorating our kitchen. But instead, I decided to just sit with a nice cup of tea and be quiet for a while.

Day 302 - And then a quiet cup of tea

I’ve been slowly decorating our home for Christmas, but goodness. What does a person have to do to get a really awesome mesh wreath that is modify?? I got the cutest wreath at Follow Us, but I guess I didn’t read the ad right because it was no mod and just too small for over the fireplace. I wish someone would do a deco mesh wreath. I make them in RL [yep, I make mesh stuff in RL. LOL!] and I’d love to have a good one in SL. Do any of you have ideas of where to get a really fabulous Christmas wreath? The one we have now is okay. It’s decent looking and mesh and very low land impact. But it’s just not EXACTLY what I want.

My tea mug is empty and I’m yawning. I think it’s time to snuggle on into bed.

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