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Day 304 – Fancy Face

I had a great time during my little getaway this past week! But I was definitely happy to get home to my family. Abby and I have been working up a new face for her in the past week. Kids faces are NOT easy!!! She’s still tweaking it, but she’s my little fancy face, so I had to take a picture of us tonight. Especially since we were matching!

Day 304 - Fancy Face

Aldwyn has been super busy with work recently, but as his schedule slows down, we’re going to find time to take our holiday photo. Our friends have been giving us their holiday photos and we’ve put them up in our home. I think we’ll do it tomorrow or Wednesday if I can find the poses I want to use in my inventory and get everyone dressed. Tomorrow is a busy RL day for me, so it might have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday.

I can’t believe Christmas is next week. So much to do!!!

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