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Day 319 – Chillin’ In The Bunk!

I really should be in bed, but after I sent the family to bed tonight, I hopped around the grid looking for a few things. Abby got her camp list tonight and while she has basically all the essentials, there are a few other things she’ll need. And things we just want her to have because … well, just because. đŸ™‚

Her bunk is pretty much finished, though, so when I came back from shopping, I sat in it for a little while. It’s awfully cute.

Day 319 - Chillin In The Bunk!

Abby has been helping her cousin, Raven, with his bunk, too. A lot of people make their bunks into almost miniature bedrooms with tiny beds and dressers and stuff, but Abby and Raven went more traditional. I really like what they’ve done!

This week, we have to spend lots of time together and with the family because we’ve never been separated for a week before! Of course, Aldwyn and I DO have plans while they’re gone, but we will miss our little one and our family while they’re at camp!

Ugh, it’s 3:15. I REALLY need to get in bed. One day this insomnia will stop, I just know it!

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