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Day 323 – Just A Little Free Shopping!

Can you keep a secret? Sometimes I sneak over to the Oleanders’ house and do some grocery shopping. They never seem to notice. I mean, look. They weren’t even going to be home for a week and my sister left out a whole cake!! That cake couldn’t POSSIBLY be good in a week!

How could they just leave a cake out??

As I was filling my shopping cart, I was looking for Takeo’s Twinkie stash. Usually he has Twinkies in the kitchen, but I looked all over and there were NO Twinkies!! Ohhh, he thought he’d be HIDE them from me?! How rude.

I searched high and low and finally… FINALLY… I found them.

Day 323 - Just A Little Free Shopping!

I told the cat to look the other way.

So I’m quite lucky that my sister is a lot better at grocery shopping than I am. Once we get our new house, I’ll have to try to remember to keep the kitchen stocked. After all, I have a child to feed and we don’t really know anyone who is getting married so we can make a plate at the reception to bring home.

But remember, all this is between you and me!

They'll never miss any of this!

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