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Day 328 – To The Top!

Every so often, I get the urge to do some “big” landscaping on our parcel. I use quotes around the word big because my BIG landscaping is rarely that big. I suck at terraforming and mostly I throw out a lot of trees and call it a day.

But I was looking around on marketplace the other day and I saw a big mesh hill with a path and a bridge. I loved it! I thought “Oh my god, I want that and the bridge can go across the pond! It’ll be perfect!” So I took Aldwyn out to see it and immediately he told me that the bridge on the hill would not be long enough to cross the pond. I’m really really bad at sizes and usually think things are a lot bigger than they are. [Which has kind of served me well in my social life, but let’s not talk about that.]

The more I kept looking at the mesh hill, the more I thought, “But you know? I can just terraform that.” Years ago, we had a haunted house up on a hill and I terraformed a path up to the house. I figured I could do it again.

I spent most of last night working and working on the land. It wasn’t particularly easy because, again, I suck at terraforming. But I did it! And then I went to the other side of the pond and made another hill that was flat on top because I wanted to put something there. The big problem was finding a bridge that was big enough and not in 2389 pieces like so many of them are. I needed one that was 43 meters across! Luckily for me, I FINALLY found one that was 44 meters long! PERFECT!!

I am so so so in love with what’s going on now.

Day 328 - To The Top!

The parcel isn’t done. Not by a long shot. And soon we’ll be getting our new house so more terraforming and landscaping will need to happen. But for now I’m happy.

I’m off to get ready to head out to dinner and shopping. Tonight when I get home, I’m making a path from Ulaa’s new house to our parcel. She put a bridge down to connect our parcels, but a path must be laid so it’s not a bridge to nowhere. And tomorrow? Abby comes home! This is a great weekend! ♥

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