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Day 329 – Back Together!

End of camp! End of camp! Starting around 4pm, people started asking in the parents’ group, “WHEN CAN WE GET OUR KIDS?!” But they had a long long talent show, and awards to give out, and ugh! It seemed like camp would never end!

To distract myself, I hopped over to Ulaa’s new home to look around. It’s very cute so far, but it was missing one thing… A picture of me!!

Oh hiiiii!

She came home just as I was hanging up my picture. I tried to run, but she caught me anyway.

Then it was after 7 and camp STILL wasn’t over when I went on a ninja mission and broke Abby out. I needed my little one back!!

Day 329 - Back Together!

[And sorry, that’s a crappy picture. It was a screencap.]

[Also, it wasn’t so much of a ninja mission as it was me teleporting her home since she’d packed all of her things. But ninja mission sounds way better.]

She was so happy to be home and I was so happy to have her home! Of course, within 5 minutes of her being home, I dunked her in the pond, but well, the kids don’t really shower much at camp.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out with Ulaa, and Aldwyn came home a little while before Abby had to go to bed, so he got to see her, too.

My little family is back together and I could not be happier. And soon we’ll have a family night with the Oleanders, and Abby wants to have a sleepover with her new camp friends, and we’ll be getting our new house soon so there will be lots to decorate and landscape around. My SLife is so busy and full. I am in love with it!

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