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Day 333 – Baby, I still believe in you and me.

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! I spent my day doing good deeds and being loved and having fun!

Tonight most of the family went out to Mingle! Have you done this yet? You really really should if you haven’t. It’s SO fun! When you arrive, you get a cell phone HUD to wear, and then the fun begins! You have to complete a series of tasks guided by your “text messages” and you NEED at least one other person with you to complete the tasks, but sometimes you need as many as FIVE other people!! We helped people complete tasks and ran around and laughed and laughed and laughed. I wish I could have gotten pictures but unfortunately I was laggy laggy laggy. It really wasn’t the fault of the place, it was, again, my craptastic computer. It is a family friendly area, but some of the tasks are not really well suited for the kids. That’s kind of what made it funnier, to be honest. We had poor Abby and Payton getting tattoos and going through a Tunnel of Love together! But it is family friendly enough and we ran into several kids out there.

The BEST part about Mingle? After you complete the very last task, you are teleported up to an area with PRIZES. Really amazing, fantastic prizes!! We were SO excited!! I got one of everything without even letting the vendors rez fully because I just loved all the stores participating! Mingle lasts until the 28th so you all really do need to check it out.

After we said goodnight to the Oleanders, and after Abby was put to bed, I got some time to just sit with my own SL valentine and chat.

Day 333 - Baby, I still believe in you and me

[Excuse our bedroom, I haven’t really had a chance to decorate yet so it looks pretty plain.]

No matter what happens in my SLife, he is my one constant, my rock. It’s still amazing to me that after so many years, he’s still willing to let me do what I want and he joins me with, if not enthusiasm, then at least an open mind. We’re both really happy right now. We love our family, we love being SL parents to the best kid on the grid, and we love each other.

You kinda can’t ask for more than that, huh? šŸ™‚

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