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Day 335 – Every kiss is a cursive line

In my offline life, everyone I meet tells me that just being around me makes them feel better. My bestie is a bundle of anxieties and nerves but tells me that I’m like her own personal Xanax and often, I’m the only one who can calm her down. Last year when my mom was in the hospital overnight, I was trying to sleep when the nurse came in around 3am to check on my mom and she whispered to my mom that my being there just seemed to bring a peace to the room. When I sit in waiting rooms, people sit near me even if there are many chairs available. Even in grocery stores [as I was complaining about on plurk the other day!], people seem to always be in my personal space. It’s odd to me, given how dang anxious and crazy I feel more than half the time! But I guess everyone has a gift and if mine is to get people to relax, then that’s a pretty cool gift to have.

After rushing around all day, it was awesome to end the day quietly with Aldywn. I don’t know how many of you have ever actually met him, but he’s a really calming person. In fact, he is – to me – what other people tell me I am to them.

Day 335 - Every kiss is a cursive line

Sometimes I wonder what he’d say about me if he blogged regularly. He used to, way back when I first first met him. And of course he’s done a couple of posts in this blog, but they were themed. I’m sure he could tell you all stories about how silly I am, or how much I ramble about nothing sometimes [well, I guess you guys already know I can do that!], or how I will rant about the most NOT serious topics. [For real. Ask me about A-Ha’s “Take On Me” video sometime.]

You know…now that I think about it, it’s really probably better for ME that he doesn’t blog regularly!!

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