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Day 337 – Yet Another Arcade Eve!!

Abby and I are doing the “Holy cats, it’s Arcade Eve” dance!

Day 337 - Yet Another Arcade Eve!!

The family is doing a YARD SALE again for our extras, so if you’re like me and you basically just shop the yard sales for current Arcade items, stop on by! Unfortunately, we had to turn off public rezzing because last round, strangers came by and started eating up all the prims with their items to sell and none of us knew them at all! I don’t mind policing the sale, but man, how rude is that? We’re only going to have it up for maybe a couple of weeks because afterwards, the spot is going to be used for something else.

I love Arcade Eve, though. The family stays up late and we have the best time dancing and trying to get into the event and everything. I’m sad that I can’t stay up super late this time because I have to get up early tomorrow, and sad because Aldwyn is not in town this weekend, but happy about everything else!

We’re getting our ride to come and hang with the family so we’re off!! Happy shopping if you make it in tonight!!

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