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Day 355 – Oh Myyy!

“Say what?? I forgot I’m wearing demo pants? Oh myyyy!”

Day 355 - Oh Myyy!

It’s been quiet ever since we got back from our vacation. Abby has been working hard on understanding UV maps, Aldwyn has been doing RL boring stuff, and I’ve been fighting with my computer and SL so that I can do little things in world without crashing constantly. Doesn’t that sound like fun?? :-p

I’ve also been thinking about Bluebonnet. I love this sim. It’s been my SL home for over 5 years. We’ve had loads of parties here, got married here, started our family here, and Renee’s garden is here. But I’m about to have a very large parcel opening up and I can’t compete with the prices/discounts that other people can offer. Plus it looks like I’m starting to be one of the few sims that doesn’t offer already terraformed parcels and neighborhoods. That’s just never been my thing, you know? I LOVE seeing what my renters create on their parcels. The only thing I have been able to offer is a quiet home and a sim that usually changes with the seasons. The people who live here are quiet and we don’t really get in each others’ way.

So, if anyone is interested in a large residential parcel that supports just over 3100 prims on a family friendly, quiet sim, IM me! We’ll talk price. Just remember that we’re basically talking retail price and not discounts like the big land owners can offer. 🙂

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