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Finally My Own Day

In my offline life, I’m not a mom. I always wanted to be. For more than 10 years, it was my dream. While all my friends were having “oopsie” babies, I was obsessively testing, making charts, taking my temperature, etc. Sitting in the doctor’s office and hearing “The chances of you getting pregnant are almost slim to none” was probably one of the more heartbreaking moments of my life. But at the same time, it was good to hear. At least I knew.

Of course, that brought up the whole topic of adoption. “Why don’t you just adopt?” I was asked this a lot, as if adoption was as easy as just going to the store for a loaf of bread. I’d always smile and shrug, then change the topic. I didn’t want to tell people the truth. I felt that adopting would be putting the nail in the coffin of my baby dream and despite being told by my doctor that the dream was already basically gone, I couldn’t admit defeat.

When I came to Second Life, and I heard about people having kids here, it made more sense to me than I admitted at the time. I was a little iffy on the idea of kid avatars, but still, it made sense. If you can come to SL and be anything you want, and have everything you could never have in RL, why wouldn’t someone like me think about having a family?

So fast forward to the present day. I’m a mom in SL. It’s been probably the best thing I’ve ever done here. I love having Abby and Brianna in my life. I was happy when it was just Aldwyn and me, but now… I didn’t think SL could make me this happy!

Last night, the girls put together a little surprise for me. Balloons, pink flowers, all kinds of stuff!

Mother's Day

They made stepping stones for me, which I’m going to set up near a bird bath that I’ve kept meaning to put out. Plus they held signs until their little arms got tired.

Stepping Stones


And they baked a cake, so they were a huge mess. *laughs* Daddy Z is gonna have FUN cleaning up!! [And he also took the kitchen pic, because my computer is a piece of junk these days and I was frozen most of the time.]

They made a cake

I get to celebrate Mother’s Day because I feel like a mom to these two girls. When the cashier at the store wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, it didn’t stab me in the heart the way it’s done in the past 10 years. I simply thanked her and wished her one, too. I get to be a mom in SL. Some people might not get it, and that’s okay. It’s not their business. But I’m a mom, and happy, and SL has given me that.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms. Whether you’re a real life biological mom, an adoptive mom, a SL mom, the mom to a pet, a dad playing both roles, or you just have a motherly influence in someone’s life, you’re definitely special. ♥

I love them so much!

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