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Camp Day!!

Guess what day it is?? It’s CAMP DAY!!!! The girls are all packed up and ready to go. They’re only going to be gone for a week so I told them to only bring the essentials.

I think they covered it.

All packed up! It's CAMP DAY!

I’m really excited for them to go. Not because I want them gone!! But camp gives them time to be kids, meet others, make new friends and memories, and this is their first official “big” thing they will do together as sisters! They’re not in the same cabin but that is for the best, I think. They’ll get the fun of going together and doing things together, but they will also do things with their cabinmates and not just be clinging to each other the entire time. It’s really the best of both worlds. Birdy has her cousins Sophie and Tess in her cabin, and Abby is really excited about her cabinmates! All of the Oleanders will be there, too, so I know they will be well taken care of. They are going to have so so so much fun and I’m so happy for them.

However, I am going to miss my little ones!! I guess Aldwyn and I will take this time to walk around the house half dressed. *snickers* Actually, I have plans on finishing up the up-upstairs family room and play area, and maybe finally finish decorating our bedroom and bathroom.

Time to get ready for them to start calling cabins!

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