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All Together Now!

Day 2 of our Grand Canyon vacation! I started out my day with a short hike up to the coffee shop for coffee and a view.

A great way to start my SL day

This afternoon we had lunch together that my sister prepared. She’s a really a much better cook than I am!

Sis makes a delicious lunch

The burgers were SO good! We have some non-face eaters in the family, so this was our time to chow down on cow and pig while they were not available for lunch. Payton said her burger was bigger than her head. I think she was right!

Lunch with the family

We also went on duck rides down the river! The scenery was so gorgeous, sometimes I forgot to paddle! But we managed to make it all the way around the canyon before I had to get to the airport.

Duckin' Down The River

Aldwyn’s flight got in late this evening, and I jetted off to the airport to get him. Since it was our family plane and we have special privileges, they let me run out there to meet him as soon as he got off the plane. No waiting by the luggage terminal for this girl!

Well hi there!

The girls were really happy to see their dad! And Bella, Livvy, and Tess had arrived just a little while before we got back to the lodge, so we set off to explore and show everyone around.

With our girls

By the time we made it all around, the sun had set, so we all settled into the lodge to just chat and hang out as a family.

Family time in the lodge

It’s wonderful now that all the family is together again, safe and sound on our vacation. But I’m so tired, so it’s time to get into bed so I can be fresh faced for another day at the Grand Canyon tomorrow!

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