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We made it!

We made it to the Grand Canyon!!

The plane ride was LOADS of fun! We had to charter a plane just for us because of all the luggage. But that’s okay, because we like it better when it’s just us!

About to get on the airplane

But it was a good flight, and no one wet their pants! That’s pretty much the marker for a successful trip, am I right?

When we got to our destination… well, it was BREATHTAKING.

It's amazing!!!!!!!!

But of course, you have to be careful with kids when you’re at a place like the Grand Canyon. And if they’re our kids? You have to be chasing them constantly!

Birdy, get down from there!

It’s just so amazing! We explored around a bit before the sun went down, and there are so many things for us! Including a coffee shop!! [Birdy and I were thrilled!]

Our own coffee shop!!!

Since it was a long flight, we all were happy to get to the lodge and just chill out and relax. Or get comfy-cozy, as my sister says!

Just chillin'.

Abby, Payton and Me

Takeo sitting on my sister!

Even at night, the sights were lovely. I cannot wait to really have time to explore.

Nighttime at the lodge

Moon rising at the Grand Canyon

I am so so happy that we made it there! Riley came in on a later flight, and tomorrow, Bella and I think Tess and Livvy show up, and Aldwyn will probably be the last to arrive so I’ll have to pick him up from the airport. Then the whole family will be together and that’s when the fun will really begin!

Until then, goodnight from the Grand Canyon!

Relaxing in the lodge before bed

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