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The way you move me, it’s crazy

You know, you’d think after over 4 years together [which is a LIFETIME in SL!], Aldwyn and I would be pretty tired of each other. I mean, we go through times where we can barely see each other because our RL schedules go crazy. Some nights, he’s really busy doing other things and isn’t exactly very exciting in SL. And me? Well… let’s just say he did the guys of the grid a HUGE favor by taking me off the market because I’m really kind of annoying in many ways. *laughs*

But ever since our Grand Canyon date night, we’ve been making sure to make a little more alone time together. We’re always happy when we’re with our girls or the rest of the family, but we really hadn’t made spending time together by ourselves a real priority and that’s really something that needed to change. I think we’ll need to schedule date nights! Gonna get a babysitter for my crazy girls and see what happens. LOL!

We had movie night with the family tonight, and after we came home and we said goodnight to Birdy, we headed up to our little getaway to hang out and talk before we went to sleep. I’m truly lucky.

The way you move me, it's crazy.

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