Posted in Aldwyn, the arcade, yard sale


It’s been a week since Aldwyn and I have been alone together, so tonight was really nice to just sit with each other as I redecorated our bedroom.


So we have all been busy busy doing our Arcade shopping! Of course, that means extras, so we have our Yard Sale set up on Bluebonnet. We even have an upstairs area for older items. When I was up there earlier, I noticed there were a few old rares from previous Arcade rounds. There’s a teleporter at the sale that takes you up to the older stuff, so it’s not all mixed together or anything. I haaaaate when yard sales have all their stuff mixed together. Separate them! When I’m on a mission to find this round’s stuff, I don’t want to look through all your stuff from last year’s rounds and also every other gacha event on the grid. :-p

I really had a lot more I was going to say in here tonight but I think I waited too long to start writing and now I’m really sleepy! Oh well, I guess there’s always tomorrow. 🙂

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