Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, dear ones! We had our Easter party with the family and it was lots of fun!!

The Family OZ - Easter 2015

After dancing and food, we headed out to do a couple of things. One was the Holi Hunt out at the Magic of Oz! It was fun running around looking for the little pots of colors, and we got some cute prizes! Takeo even got a dress! *laughs*

Then we headed out to Easter Town to hunt eggs and race peeps! We did this last year, too, but it’s always fun and the prizes are always different. I love that the people who own the sim always do cool things for holidays. They’re the ones who did the Halloween town and the winter area. It is also family friendly, which of course is something we look for when we head out with our little ones. Of course, you still might see some people who don’t get that it’s more of a family friendly sim [despite the bright colors, bunnies, and , but that’s pretty much true anywhere anyone goes.

We have to finish up packing the car today so we’re ready to head to the airport on Monday. I think we’re staying on vacation longer than usual this time around, so we have to put a few extra things in our bags. I still need to find a few more bathing suits, too. So much to do! 🙂


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