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Rainforest or bust!

Helloooo from the rainforest! The family flew out tonight on our private jet. First class all the way!!

The Family OZ - Heading To The Rainforest!!

When we got to the rainforest, we were all so excited! And possibly hopped up on all the sugar and caffeine that we’d eaten in the airport. The place is BEAUTIFUL! It’s really so amazing! Right away we got into boats and Lolita and Takeo drove us around the place and to the resort.

Lolita taking us to the resort

[resort]The Resort

We checked in and got the kids set up in their room. All of our little ones will be staying together in the resort proper because it is safe and secure for them. The adults have little huts down the path from the main building just so we can have a little privacy sometimes. We even have our own bit of water and a gorgeous view of waterfalls!

Before we put the kids to bed, we walked around for a bit and stopped at the cafe for pre-bedtime drinks and snacks. Yes, Birdy drinks coffee before bed. [Shhh. Don’t tell her, but I might have made sure she got decaf!]

Stopping at the cafe

After drinks and snacks, we hopped in boats and managed to make it back around to the resort so we could tuck our little ones into bed and say goodnight to the family. Then Aldwyn and I headed back to our hut so we could tuck ourselves in for the evening.

Saying goodnight

Tomorrow, we’ll get to explore more of the rainforest and have more fun! I cannot wait to show you guys more of the place! It really is amazing!

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