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I Don’t Like It, I Love It!

We’ve been having soooo much fun on our rainforest vacation! Usually our vacations are only a week, but we’re going longer this time around because there’s still so much to do!

Tonight we had a pool party!

Family Pool Party

Playing Chicken

Lolita DJed the party for us and a few days ago, she asked us all 3 questions and we had to give her 3 songs that she would play tonight. It’s fun when we do that because our whole family has pretty awesome musical tastes. We’re getting to where we can start to pick out who chose what song, too.

Tomorrow night we’re dressing as pirates and watching a movie! Arrr! But I’m hoping to spend some time in the rainforest during the day. I really haven’t gotten to be in there as much as I’ve wanted to be, and I’d like to get in some more adventuring.

But until then… goodnight!

I don't like it, I love it!

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