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Almost The End

We’re coming near the end of our rainforest vacation. 😦 I know, it’s sad! I’ve enjoyed my time out there and being with the family so much. But you know, all vacations come to an end, and it’ll be nice to go home. For all I know, a troop of homeless noobs have taken up residence. We haven’t been there in almost 2 weeks! Plus we have Birdy’s adoptaversary party to plan. Can you all believe it’s almost been a year? Who knew she’d be able to stand us this long? *laughs*

Tonight was a quieter night since Riley and Abby weren’t with us. We had dinner at the rainforest cafe, then everyone did a word search [I won! Um. Not that it was a contest. But still, I won!], and then we went allll over the rainforest in our ducks!

My sister, me, and ducks!

Traveling by duck really is the best way to travel, I think.

We have a couple more family events and then I guess Sunday we’ll be packing our bags and heading home. Well, the kids keep crying every time we mention it, and Riley threatened to tie herself to a tree, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

But I will definitely miss our rainforest nights!

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