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So Much

I can’t believe the month is almost over!! It seems like it went by so fast. But May looks like it’s going to be a fabulous month for me and my family, so that’s good. We have FIVE parties coming up. Crazypants!

My Birdy’s adoptaversary party is on Friday and she likes space, so we’re gonna be in space!

A view from space

[I messed up my photo settings and didn’t notice so this pic was actually way more cool being wider.]

I’m excited for the party. I think I might have gone overboard on the particles but that seems to be my M.O. when it comes to decorating for parties. What can I say? I like sparkles.

We hung out with the Oleanders tonight because we really haven’t seen them since our vacation ended. We had a lot to talk about – parties, family stuff, randomness. Then we stopped in at the noodle shop for pre-bedtime bubble tea.

I'm pretty sure she just robbed Mr Noodle Sun

I’m pretty sure she just robbed Mr. Noodle Sun.


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