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Mother’s Day

So last night I was glancing at plurk when I saw Birdy say that my presence was requested in 2.5 minutes. *laughs* I’m just glad that I had chosen that moment to look at plurk because I had been thinking about just curling up on the couch and watching tv. I logged in and my sister and brother in law grabbed me on Skype because they had also been told to be on. I got dressed while we waited for Aldwyn and then we were teleported over to where the kids were. And these little monkeys… they had set up a stage and did a dance for Lolita and me for Mother’s Day!

The kids doing a Mother's Day dance for us

It was insanely cute! They did a dance for us last year, so I didn’t really expect anything this year. But it was sooo sweet!

After they danced, they served us dinner – Sketti-Os! Hey, the oldest is 8 and the youngest is 3. That’s pretty good cooking when you’re little! They also gave us gifts and pie. Okay, so the pie was “Cajun style” and a little black on top, but a little charcoal never hurt anyone.

We ended our evening with a carousel horse race around the street.

Family Carousel Race

It wasn’t actually a race. But um… we might have made it one. Okay. I might have made it one.


Actually, no. That wasn’t how we ended our evening together. We actually ended it with Aldwyn suddenly snoring in our ears and me placing him in a blinging case while the children put food in it so that if he woke up, he wouldn’t be hungry.

[I have a pic of the box, but Flickr is being a jerk and the dang picture won’t upload. So I’ll add it here whenever Flickr decides to get its sh*t together.]

Hey, you fall asleep on us, you pay the consequences.

It was a really really lovely evening and I am so lucky to have such sweet and thoughtful people in my life. ❤

One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. haha falling asleep and paying the price! I remember when my sl family members would go afk on me id push them in the nearest pond …i miss those days. love the pictures!

    – Truly a fan

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