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Until Next Month

No matter how crazy my RL is, or what else I do in SL, this is one of the best parts of everything. ❤

Until Next Month

Also, I stole Birdy’s picture because she took a way better one than I did. *laughs* She’s getting really good at in world pics!!

The girls and I had about half an hour of a “naptime” together this evening before joining the family for one last rainforest game before my sis turned the keys over to the next vacationers. I think the 3 of us really needed the quiet time. Abby mentioned that she thought it was almost strange how relaxed she gets when we are together like that, but I understand it completely. I think that’s something that people outside of SL, or even some that are in it, just don’t get. I need to see my loved ones in world often. Sure, we have plurk and different ways of contacting each other throughout the day, but just the act of being together is what keeps our bond strong.

After a game of Pentadee [Yahtzee] with the family, we said goodnight to the kids and then Lolita, Takeo, and I went to hear a friend DJ at Club Zero. I am not super familiar with aggrotech music, but I liked the songs and of course anytime we’re together, it’s fun! I love watching people, too, so it was a good time all around.

Tomorrow is my last day to get all the cleaning and packing I need to do before we head out on Friday. I have to admit, I haven’t truly been the most excited for this trip so far. It’s extremely hard for me to be so far away from home at any given time because of just how my RL is. But I keep being told to go because I need this trip. I need to see other things and not worry so much all the time. So I’ll try to relax. It’s just a week, anyway. Everyone will be okay for a week.

But I won’t have SL access while I’m gone, and even if I did, I would not want to be that jerk logging into SL to look at Linden water [as pretty as it may be!] when I have the real ocean right outside my door! *laughs*

See you all when I get back!

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