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At The Beginning

It’s almost 4am and I’m exhausted, but I’m also a bit wired up, so I thought I’d blog and bore myself to sleep. *laughs*

So because I already had some of my renters move out and so much empty parcel already, Lolita got started on the corner for our home tonight! Oh gosh, you guys. Watching her make something out of basically a flat piece of land is incredible! I have neverrrr been that great at landscaping and as most people know, my landscaping skills basically boil down to “Throw some trees on it!” In fact, I had almost 2000 prims just in trees on our parcel when I was picking things up. That’s a LOT of trees.

But my sis, she’s really creative and what she’s doing for the sim is a little different than she’s done on other sims. I snapped a picture as she was putting a few more things down. How awesome does it look already?!

At The Beginning

I’m so excited to see how the sim is going to come together! My mission when I log in later today is to get our house more put together. I started a bit but nothing major. I was too busy running all over the roads looking at this and that! Maybe we should have a sim-warming party when everything is done?

Ugh, I better to go to bed before I end up logging in again to work on the house.

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