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You’ve got a smile like an acre of sunflowers

I’ve been playing nurse in my offline life today because someone who is not me decided to eat a pre-packaged sandwich at 1am last night, knew it didn’t taste quite right, and kept on eating it. Food poisoning is never awesome, folks. Never. But I’m a good little nurse because people seem to feel better being around me and medical stuff doesn’t gross me out. But it’s been a longggg day. A very long day. And I expect it’ll be a long night since I will probably be up and down during the night to check on my patient.

But I did get a break in the evening. My Birdy found a photo she liked earlier of a mom holding her daughter and they were in a field of sunflowers. My niecey Bella said she could recreate the pose for us. Woo! So that’s what we did tonight, and then took pics.

My Sunflower

You can see Birdy’s version over on the girls’ blog! They only blog when the mood strikes, but when they do, it’s super dang cute and I think they should do it more often. *hint hint hint* This pose is especially dear to us because I gave Birdy the nickname “Sunflower” when I first met her. 🙂 Good grief, my child has a lot of nicknames. *laughs*

But it was nice to relax for a while tonight. Tomorrow night, we have another pic planned, and then I have to get the poses ready for us to do our traditional fall family photo, plus I wanted to take all of our portraits to put in the stairwell. So many pics!! It’s a good thing picture taking normally relaxes me, huh?

I guess I should go be a nurse again.

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