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After The Party

Tonight my family went to celebrate with a new family! My friend Sai and her husband Jeffry have been on trial with a lovely little girl named Yuna for the past few weeks and tonight they asked her if she would like to be their daughter. She said yes! 🙂

I’m always excited when I see new families forming in SL, but we all had more interest in this one because we’ve been there to answer family questions and stuff since they became interested in adopting in SL. Seeing it all come together has been great! Of course, we had many great suggestions for the new family – like getting a choreboard [my suggestion] and giving Yuna the middle name of Enchilada [Payton’s suggestion].

After we came home and Birdy went to bed, I changed out of my party clothes and Aldwyn and I had some time to spend together. We don’t always have a lot of alone time together these days because of schedules and stuff, so we like to take advantage of it whenever we can. ❤

After The Party

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