Don’t Have To Convince Myself To Believe

So I’ve had some people asking me about how our Heritage panel is going for us. Well… We met the girl that I wanted. She is delightful and sweet, but unfortunately at this time, probably not a good fit for our family. At least, not as a daughter. And yeah, I’m slightly disappointed about that.

Don't Have To Convince Myself To Believe

I kind of feel disappointed in myself in how I feel, which is nuts. *laughs* I had told myself over and over to NOT get my hopes up too much. I told myself that there were a billion reasons why this wouldn’t work before I even met the girl. But I guess there was that [very naive] part of me that couldn’t fathom that someone wouldn’t work as part of our family if that’s what I wanted. After all, the 2 times we’ve adopted before worked out beautifully!

But, it’s not going to work with this girl. Not right now anyway. And it’s a shame because she had so many qualities that I was looking for when looking for another kid to call ours. Our family simply doesn’t work for everyone, and I understand that, even though I think that we have loads to offer. 🙂

I’m not sure if we’re going to keep looking for now. I mean, this whole thing really was just because I liked this one girl’s panel, not that were actively looking for another kid or anything. I don’t know. I guess I can let it run for the 20 days and see what happens. But if you guys know any super cute, smart, preferably blonde, sassy little girls who like shopping, Skype, and plurk… let me know. *laughs*


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