Living Life Just Like I Should

So the number one question I’ve been asked this past week is, “How is the trial going?!” Well… To be perfectly honest?



It’s going awesome!!

No, really. This might be the easiest freakin’ trial on record, and I thought Birdy’s trial was pretty dang easy. *laughs*

We’re just about a week in [tomorrow makes one week since we asked them] and I think things are going great! Everyone seems really happy and all the little insecurities I had going on in my brain have all been pretty much squashed at this point. I won’t say there aren’t moments when I log in and all 4 kids are there that I’m not thinking, “Oh holy cow, this is one full house!” *laughs* But I love knowing that if I am late getting on one evening or something like that, no one is just standing around alone anymore.

Living Life Just Like I Should

We spent some of last evening with the other half of our family, the first time we’ve done that since Rory and Heath began their trial with us. I didn’t grow up with a lot of family around me. If you know my life now, you know that it is just my parents and me here, with the family that we love most being well over 6 hours away. So to have SO much family around me here in SL is so wonderful. The teensiest bit overwhelming at times since I’m not really used to it, but still, just wonderful!

The next order of business is to get our new routines set. I have been slacking a bit over on my style blog simply because when I’m online, I’d rather be with the family or fixing the house up. Abby is trying to get her store back up and running [she’s at the Everything Kids gacha this month! You can look at Birdy’s new blog to see what she made], Rory and Heath have their stores [Blueberry Hill and Larnia Kids] to work on, Birdy is in her last semester of college plus she has her new blog – so well, we need SOME kind of routine to make sure everyone gets done what they need to get done, takes care of all RL responsibilities, sleeps enough, and yet still have time for family fun! We’ll get it all figured out. 🙂

But speaking of RL, it’s a gorgeous day here, so I’m off to soak up some vitamin D! I need to keep super healthy and energized to keep up with everything!


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