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So Much More

You know, it’s kinda funny. I’ve been blogging for…well, years and years. This blog is 8 years old and my style blog is almost 7. I have a small, but pretty dedicated group of readers on both blogs and I’m happy like that. I’m not a “top blogger” and very rarely does someone suggest people look at my style blog when wanting to know what’s in fashion just because my style is not really what’s IN style as far as SL goes half the time. I’m rarely “sexy” and never all out naked and I’m happy that way, too. I blog because I just like doing it and half the time, I don’t feel like anyone’s really paying that much attention.

But sometimes… sometimes I’m proven wrong and it makes me cry! *laughs*

Collabor88 is looking for new bloggers. If you remember, I was one of the original bloggers for that event and then left it in 2013 for…well, I had my reasons. But I have always kind of regretted it and I was thrilled to see that they were looking again. Only this time, instead of just filling out an application, they’re doing kind of a photo contest for the spots. And the phrase “photo contest” fills me with so much anxiety!

Let me just make it clear: I am not unhappy with my photos lately. I feel like they’re about the best they’ve ever been [most of the time] and I enjoy taking photos for my blog and learning new tricks to try to make them not suck.

But again, photo contests scare me. I am extremely competitive most of the time but to place my photo among other people who are REALLY REALLY GOOD? Scary!! So I had a teeny tiny sadness on plurk and asked people to just tell me I’m good. *laughs* And much to my surprise, they did. But they didn’t just give me hugs and say “You can do it!” A lot of them told me exactly WHY they feel that I’m good. Not just on plurk, either. They actually took the time to write me on why I should enter.

It was more than I expected. It was so much more than I think I deserve. And it made me cry happy tears because people that I admire said the nicest things to me in such a genuine way. And it made me realize that when I do my photo for this blogger contest, no matter if I get chosen as a blogger or not – I’ve already won something far more important. ❤

Anyway.. in other news. 🙂

So Much More

Tonight we’re having our traditional family OZ Valentine dinner and party! I’m trying to get ready early so that at the last moment I’m not rushing around like crazy trying to figure out what to wear. Tomorrow night, we’re having an all adult Valentine party and I STILL haven’t figured out what to wear! I guess that’s my mission later if I have a moment!

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