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Life Is Rosy!

I took a break from our Arcade crazy to finally finish up a pose I’d been working on for Aldwyn and me last week. I think it came out cute! You can buy it here!

Life Is Rosy!

I really love doing poses with the AnyPose! This was a great Christmas gift. [Thanks, honey!] I have a folder fulllll of pose ideas that I keep on my desktop. The fun for me is trying to match the pose with the picture. Usually it doesn’t work. *laughs* Like this particular pose, the photo of the couple had them with their arms outstretched, like an airplane, and they were holding hands. But when I stretched Al’s arms out, I knew immediately there was nooo way my arms were as long. And man, was I right! My hands came to about his elbows. So, I improvised. And I actually like this better. We used a pose similar to this for our wedding invitations back in 2011, but it was more of a piggyback ride pose and not an “I just jumped on your back!” pose like this one is. I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted with this pose, though.

There are limitations with the AnyPose. Which are most likely SL limitations since when I drag a pose into Qavimator, sometimes I can’t get it to do what I want there either. The avatar just doesn’t move that way. [Or if it does, it’s being done in Poser, a program that I have but can’t really use because I am like a bull in a china shop when I use it and everything comes out crazy.] If I had a wish for the AnyPose, it would be to be able to move the body parts in smaller increments at times. Especially the hands. It can go from “Almost touching” to “Oops, I accidentally ripped a hole in your chest” REALLY fast.

I really want to start making family poses. I did the one for my sis and me, but that could be used for any two friends, not just sisters. I want to make more involving the kids. We have to take our spring family photo soon. I think I might wait and do that when we’re on vacation, that way we have a pretty background [not that we don’t have a billion places on Bluebonnet to take pics!] and a good memory attached with the photo. I have some pose ideas for what I want, but getting everyone to sit their butts down so I can do it… well, we’ll see. *laughs*

Speaking of sitting on your butt, I have been on mine for far too long today. I think it’s time for lunch and a walk.

Oh! And here is the song I was listening to while making this pose. I LOVE it.

This feels right, feels so bright bright
All the world somehow starts to shine shine
With you by my side
Life is rosy!

2 thoughts on “Life Is Rosy!

  1. A lot of people ask for finer movement with AnyPose. The problem is somewhat complicated. SL doesn’t let you position the avatar directly. You have to use animations. What AnyPose does is use many hundreds of animations per joint, many thousands in total, to let you move your avatar in-world. To get finer movement for one joint, you may need a 1000 animations instead of the roughly 250 that are there now per joint. OK, so why don’t I upload 1000 animations per joint? (About 17,000 for all the joints.) Well, managing that many animations inside of the pose stand becomes difficult. The SL editing tools start breaking down when you have more than 300 or so items in a single prim.

    That said, I have asked LL to add features to SL to make it possible to pose the avatar directly. If your readers are interested, they can vote on it and maybe it will grab the attention of the LL developers. With these changes, there would be NO limit to how fine the movements are. It would also allow posing of the new bones in the upcoming Bento skeleton.

    1. Oh! I had NO idea how the AnyPose even worked. I just thought it just…moved stuff. *laughs* I’m not a tech nerd and never think to look at my gadgets. But that is so interesting! And now I understand why it moves the way it does, so thank you for explaining that!

      I went to the jira for this because I know that a LOT of people get use out of the AnyPose and will want it to be more compatible with Bento. I hope you get the features you are looking for!

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