Daydream Believer

I’m introverting today. *laughs* Yep, using it as a verb.

I am quite the introvert. I will fully admit it. The older I get, the more I embrace it. Having hours alone is not just a luxury at this point. It’s a necessity. Yes, even in SL. I know that sounds funny, given the social nature of SL. But sometimes I just want to log in and not talk. It’s a little harder to come by these days because if I see my family, I want to be with my family. But I think that just makes me appreciate the quiet a little bit more.

Daydream Believer

Oh, I never did talk about the fact that we have more family living closer, did I? Well, my niecey Bella [Riley’s big] and her girls decided to get a sim, and they moved it right next to us on Bluebonnet! Lolita is decorating their land [I watched her for a few minutes earlier today. I’m sneaky!] and it’s looking as beautiful as you would expect. To get there, we go through a tunnel and once we’re out of the parking lot, the sim is more country than Bluebonnet is. But beautifully so. How wonderful it is to have even MORE places for all of us to enjoy together!

But, until I log in again… I’m going to go have a wonderfully quiet afternoon to myself. ❤


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