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Special Delivery

Usually on Saturday nights, Aldwyn and I go out on a date. But tonight, he had another obligation, so no date for us. But that is okay, because I had all my little ones with me!

We had thought a few days ago that after the girls were all settled in their new homes on the new sim, that we would drop off a housewarming gift. So tonight, the kids and I set about making some treats.

Special Delivery

Abby’s wearing her pillow hat just in case our baked treats ended up too hard and Rory wondered if rodents should be in the baking supplies. But um… everything came out great. I promise!

After we strolled over to the girls’ houses and delivered our baskets, and after we made it safely back through the Tunnel of Doom, we were all pretty tired. I mean, walking all the way around Bluebonnet takes approximately 5 minutes. Walking to the new sim and home again? It’s a LONG walk. Especially for little legs! So we all got into our pajamas and decided to have a sleeping bag slumber party in the living room. [That pic is on plurk, if you have me added there!]

So it might not have been an adult date night, but it was a great date night with my little loves. ❤

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