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We Made It!!

Oh gosh, you guys. I am so tired. But we did it! We made it to beautiful Greece!

The trip there was uneventful. Wellll… we did almost lose kids in the revolving door of the airport. And the elevator almost killed some people. And Heath might have maybe wandered into the air control tower. And Payton maybe went running across the runways. And we might have had to chase her telling her she wasn’t allowed to do that. And an old man in a raincoat might have possibly almost taken Riley away. [But he ran quickly once he listened to our family for a couple of minutes.] But despite all that, it was an easy trip!

Heading To Greece

After a 12 hour flight where we got to watch an in-flight video [I’ll link it at the bottom], we finally made it!!

It is beautiful here! It is the perfect mix of the old world, a country village, and a few present day conveniences. There are goats and sheep and chickens, too! We are staying in a charming little hotel up the hill from a small farm. The kids already have instructions to check the hens periodically for eggs because we will be spending Easter here, and we will need to have lots of eggs to dye for the bunny to hide for us! Our itinerary is pretty full for the two weeks we are vacationing, with things planned for the family almost nightly. I cannot wait to show you all lots of pictures of all the things we do and discover! Of course, if you follow any of us on plurk, you will get to see a lot of our little adventures.

But until later, here is a photo I took when we arrived. And now I’m going to sleep!

We Made It!!

[Our in-flight video, and the song for our trip!]

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