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Greeting The Day

I’ve been having massive insomnia this week. I think I just get so excited for everything we do at night, it takes me a long time to wind down. So that means I’ve been waking up much later than usual. But that’s okay because by the time I get my day started, people are up and about and doing their own thing, and I can enjoy breakfast and some alone time.

Greeting The Day

I’m sitting out by the coffee cart that is outside the pizza place. Mostly the guys make pizza and you’re kinda at their mercy as to what kind of pizza you get, but sometimes they will make you breakfast if you ask nicely. [And whine. A lot.]

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been out here for almost a week. It doesn’t feel like that long at all. We have seriously been having the best time! Last night, we decorated all of the eggs that the kids have been collecting from the chickens. Sunday, we’ll be visited by the bunny and there will be a big egg hunt for our kids. Excited!

Oh! Speaking of egg hunts, if you head out to the Larnia store, there is a big Easter hunt going on! It’s SO fun! You get a HUD and then follow the trail to find eggs. There is a handy notecard with hints, too. If you complete the whole thing, you get a special prize at the end. But each egg you find has a little prize in it for you. This hunt benefits the Dreamin’ In Purple RFL team, so if you do go out there to do it, please donate!

Tonight is our toga party, so I’m off to get toga ready!

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