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One great thing about having this blog and having blogged so much of my Second Life is that I can go back and read things again. One awful thing about having this blog and having blogged so much of my Second Life is that I can go back and read things again.


I’ve been re-reading posts here and there from around 2008. And while some of the things I did or said make me laugh even now, part of me is a bit sad because I miss so many people who are no longer in my life. Especially my friend Cen.

Let me just preface what I’m about to say with this: I love my SLife. I do. I love my family and my home and my blogs and all that. I love doing videos. I am truly happy with how things are.

However… Lately I have just been feeling like something is missing. And I think that it’s that sometimes I miss having a best girl friend inside of SL. Just someone to chat with and laugh with that will be up for adventures and all that best friend stuff. Things like Cen and I used to do for a while.

One of the main reasons that I don’t really have that right now is that my tastes and needs have changed over the years. I don’t like being “super sexy” or half naked all the time. Even though I’m a fashion blogger, I am not super high fashion. I don’t really enjoy going out to troll people. Going to go hang out at “adult fun” venues is not really my cup of tea. I’m not going to be on Skype constantly during the day. And unfortunately, most of my existing friends, which are primarily on plurk, are into all that. Which is fine for them! I’m not saying that it’s not, trust me. It’s just not really for me right now. I would prefer to be with someone who is more family friendly, keeps their clothes on most of the time, who is around my age or older, who enjoys chatting in off and on in IMs or just hanging out in world but doesn’t go AFK every 2 minutes when we’re having a conversation, who isn’t constantly talking about how they “give no f*cks”, and who isn’t overly clingy or needs a ton of my attention.

*laughs* Geez, I don’t ask for much, huh?

I don’t know. I like friendships to develop organically and unfortunately, I tend to be very shy and I don’t really put myself out there that much. Maybe I’ve simply forgotten how to be a good friend in SL? I’m not the type to always be in someone’s IM or even need daily interaction and … I don’t know. Maybe that’s wrong?

Bah. I’m getting emo for no dang reason. 🙂

Honestly, I am very happy with my SLife and the people in it. I was just having some “I need a friend” thoughts over the weekend. It’ll pass.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Alicia, I know the feeling!

    For me, I think First Life schedules are part of the problem. A lot of my friends aren’t necessarily around whenever I find a block of time I can spend in Second Life, and I’m often not around when they have free time. I think it’s harder to maintain friendships when you have to luck into schedules coinciding, especially when you might message a friend sometime when you’re both in-world and find out they’re busy with something else.

    For people who are in-world more consistently, I’m guessing this isn’t a problem? Except maybe when they have friends who are in on different or unpredictable schedules.

  2. Hey there! I’m sorta in the same boat as you when it comes to having friends in sl. I had a SL facebook for my avi to keep in touch with my ex sl kids outside secondlife but i found even doing that people would friend me there an then they would just nag about all there sl drama crap and i never even met them in SL! it was really annoying. so after i while i stopped logging in after my family parted ways and i find my little bubble of doing things the way i like wanting to be within a certain sl family friends crowd can be hard. Given that when i think i found a friend all they want to do it brag about how the little toodledoo that they tried to adopt at heritage didnt last or something. it feels like an endless cycle. now since im trying to start my SL life over and yet im still alone in my little bubble shopping by myself and standing alone in my decorated house. Not that i mind but yet sometimes in boredom i end up putting a bucket of chicken on my avis head an dancing to the steam! YOLO!

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