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Forcing Myself Into A Panel

Oops. Despite the fact that January was 17 years long, I didn’t update. Wow, self. Way to go on the whole “I’m gonna update this more.” thing I had going. 🙂

SO.. today I filled in at a BVN presentation with Groves. It was about non-traditional blogging – meaning not fashion blogging. Crap Mariner was the other blogger on the panel, but had to leave about midway through and being that I still run a personal SL blog (as bad as I have been at updating it), I hopped up into the seat to talk. If you want to check out the presentation, it was streamed on YouTube. I also had to relog twice, so.. yay me. LOL

It was really fun, and I’m so glad that I was able to go in and help out.

I was actually planning on updating this blog and have a post started, but I am not feeling really great right now, so I’ll finish that up when I feel like sitting at the computer a little more. ❤

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