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Country Life

So, Jeremiah has a problem.

Ok, it’s not really a problem as much as it is a fun hobby? *laughs*

He likes to rent places. We officially live on Bluebonnet, of course. But we rented a beach home a while back because we wanted somewhere to go boating. So now we have a darling little place in a big group of regions where we can not only go out on the boat, but also go flying if we want, as the area has an airport available. It’s really fun! We use the beach house mostly for game nights when we play U-Know. Oh y’all, we are cutthroat when we play U-Know! I adore game nights with my loves. ❤

But a few days ago, Jeremiah said he wanted to take me riding. Horseback riding! Which, if you remember from a vlog I did back in 2018, it is one of my favorite things to do in SL! I haven’t really gotten to do it much in the past year, so I thought it was pretty thoughtful of him to find a place where we could ride.

He chose this really charming community to take me to. It is a group of 6 regions and just gorgeous. There is a large area for doing more “competition” things, like steeplechase and just plain ol’ jumping fences. And there is a riding trail that goes all over the place! They also rent homes and well… you can basically guess what happened next.

We now have a very charming country home that is right along the riding trail!

Oh! I should also mention that back when Jeremiah met Birdy, it was pretty much the next day when he told me, “Oh, she is so getting a pony.”

This week, he made good on that.

My tiny cowgirl

My tiny cowgirl is such a cutie!

We finally had time last night to really go riding on the trails. Jeremiah and I had been down the trail before, but we had taken a turn somewhere and we thought the trail was pretty short for it being 6 regions long. Last night we found places with Birdy that we hadn’t seen before. Such as this ADORABLE little church!

St. Luke's In The Forest

This is called St. Luke’s In The Forest, and it’s just so sweet. It says that it is open all of the time for meditation, and there is a service on Sundays. I really liked the church a lot.

The whole community really is lovely, and the region owners are a very nice couple who have made us feel very welcomed. I’ll show pics of our little house later whenever I finish decorating it up. Or … well, I’ll probably do a house tour video, instead. I find doing house tour videos to be easier for me than showing photos of 5 different rooms and y’all know I’m all about convenience!

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