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Even More Change!

Oh my goodness, it’s amazing how much can happen in a short amount of time!!

So as I’ve mentioned before, we are redoing Bluebonnet from the ground up. We’ve been putting in quite a bit of work on the land. It’s coming along great, I think! Filling in the empty spots isn’t the easiest for me since I’ve never been all that great at decorating land, but it’s been pretty fun!

Time for a break!

We still plan on only having 5 parcels for rent, but we have 2 tiny apartments above the book store and the thrift shop, and I’m considering renting those out too. Like, I’ll decorate them and rent them cheap. Yearssssss ago, there used to be furnished rentals that would give you like 10 prims for 20L a week or something like that. It was super super cheap! I am not sure if people would be interested in that at all, but I still plan on decorating the apartments. I think it will be fun!

But are you ready for our BIG change??

Ever since Jeremiah and I decided we had a future together, we batted around the idea of more kids. We were definitely not opposed to the idea, but it wasn’t anything we were actively seeking to do. But… our dear little friend Lyra was looking for a foster family. So we talked about it. Then we talked to Birdy about it. Then last night the 4 of us talked. Andddd…

We have a foster kid!

Our new foster kiddo!!

We are so beyond thrilled that she has chosen us! She is the sweetest thing, and I think we’re going to have so much fun together. Hey, she likes books, Harry Potter, and Disney. What more could we ask for? 😀

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