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Day 278 – Make It Work

I’m a pretty huge Project Runway fan. Heck, I’m such a big fan, I even watched that horrible Models of the Runway show they tried to shove at us last year. [I totally hated Cerri and laughed at Kristina “winning” when she just happened to be Seth Aaron’s model.] I think the designers are usually pretty decent, and I admire their talents. And I admire the fact that they’re willing to stand there week after week with the possibility of getting their designs totally ripped apart verbally by the judges. I mean, seriously? Could you imagine telling an SL designer “I’m underwhelmed” and them just nodding and thanking you for saying it? Oh hell no. It would be epic drama and all their friends and groupies and ass kissers would jump in and tell you why you suck.

Anyway, this week’s episode was centered around Philip Treacy hats. And the more I watched hat after hat come down the runway, the more I laughed, because I realized I really don’t care for so-called “couture” wear. I don’t like it in SL, where very little is actually couture and what is couture is usually freakin’ ugly and unwearable. And it is most definitely not my style in RL because, again – unwearable. I don’t know how exactly Philip Treacy got started in hats, but honey, I could stick a flower pot on my head, too.


The designers, of course, were having orgasms over the hats like they just saw a double rainbow, except the poor girl who ended up with the hat that looked like an enormous orchid sprouted out of the top of the model’s head. Heidi Klum sat through the judging with some rose thing on her head that looked like it belonged as a centerpiece on her dinner table.

I may not be super fashionable, but at least I don’t go shopping for my hats in the floral section of Pier 1.

Oh, and because it never can be said enough – Shut up, Gretchen.

In other news…I’m kind of bummed that I’m going to miss all the fun Shoe Fair ending activities tomorrow. I’m visiting with the parents and then heading over to the bestie’s place. If you have a chance, you should go out there. You might even get a kiss – for a price. 😉 It should be really fun. I know there’s lots of great sales going on right now, but these shoe designers worked really hard to get out there and a lot of them are giving up a great deal of profit for charity, so it’s great if we can support them. The fair officially ends on Sunday.


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Day 265 – Run, baby.

Today is the 265th day of the project. 100 days to go. That seems like a milestone, doesn’t it? I’ve missed a few days here and there, so my ending date will be closer to my rezday. Who knows. I might even celebrate that this year. I never really have before.

But, back to day 265… I was out at the Shoe Fair earlier, taking some pics right before the gates opened for everyone. This guy came running up to me as I stood there. I mean, running! He started to talk to me, but in French, which I don’t know. I guess after realizing that I couldn’t speak to him, he RAN off.


I need to get back in world and go take more blog pics for the Shoe Fair blog.

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Day 264 – Squeak squeak

I was super excited to be asked to be one of the official Shoe Fair bloggers this year. I’ve got the blog over to the right side, so you can always clicky if you want to see what’s going on there. But I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time over on the fairgrounds, so you’ll see more pics.

I have to show this one, though. I love all the displays out there, but this made me laugh. You know how there’s always stories of finding a finger in a can of soda or something? Well, how about a whole foot in your champagne bottle?! :-O

Shoe in the bottle!

Also… I came home from the fair and discovered that I might need an exterminator. I seem to have a mouse problem! What the HECK?


Ack, it’s 4am. I need to get in bed!