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Hey, creepers.

I know, I don’t usually do random out of the blue non-365 day project posts anymore. But I was sitting here and I thought, “You know, I haven’t checked my analytics in a while. I wonder what search terms people are using to end up on my blog.” And you know what I found out?

Some of you are kinda creepers. :-p

Let’s get a few things straight, okay?

I don’t know a thing about “clit pumps,” or “clit pumping.” I also have no knowledge of “clitless girls,” although that sounds like a pretty bad fate!

For the girl who needed a quote to let the guy she likes know that she’s more than a rebound girl? Try this:

“Hey, I’m more than just a rebound girl.”

Guys aren’t that hard to read, and most of them don’t give a flip about some supposedly deep quote you found on the internet!

I don’t have any naked pictures of Holly Madison, I don’t know who porn star Emma Heart is, and I don’t know what Jef Holm’s penis size is. [Although, if I had to guess, I’d guess about 7.5 inches because he just seems like that type.]

I don’t think ass cracks are sexy, and no, I won’t show you my boobs if you show me your penis. It’s not worth it!

I’m not a fan of Cloud Party, I don’t hump pillows, and I don’t have a pic of Superman’s penis.

To the person who doesn’t know what shade of blue to paint their bedroom, I would suggest a lovely light blue. Too dark and the room will look smaller.

So there you go! Thanks for stopping by my blog and all, but if you’re looking for clits & penises…probably best to keep moving on. 🙂

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Loading up on Christmas prims

I love decorating for Christmas in SL. It’s soooo much easier than doing it in RL, don’t you agree? In RL, my tree is in a box still sitting in the corner. We can’t have a real tree because I have stupid allergies, so it’s always the fake tree. But ugh, that’s such a pain to put up, you know? All the little branches, all the trying to get the “needles” fluffed up. It’s pretty tedious. And THEN I still have to decorate it!!!

No, it’s much much easier to decorate in SL and if I’m not careful, I’m going to use all the prims inside the house and have nothing left for the ice skating rink and winter park I’m going to put up on the other side of the parcel. I need to find lower prim Christmas decorations! I mean, everything I put just IN the fireplace probably comes to over 100 prims.

Starting to decorate

But it’s pretty, so… yeah.

I need to find something for the top of the fireplace. I think I might have to get some stuff and rip it apart and smash it together to get the look I want. But I’ve been doing that with other stuff, so it doesn’t matter.

Snow is in the forecast for Bluebonnet this week. Good thing we’ve been stocking up on sweaters!!

Al went to bed and I’m itching to go back to playing Dragon Age [yes, again, for the 50th time. But I’m playing DA: Awakening this time because I’ve never finished it.] so I think it’s time to wrap this up, shut off all my IM things, and get into the game before I need to get in bed.

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Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Well, at least if you’re in the US. Since this is our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife, I figured that I better start getting prepared! Which is good, since we didn’t seem to have much in the fridge to make a meal out of.

TG - We needed more food

Going out to the grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve is pretty … brave. Ooh, you should have seen it! It was like the battle at Hogwarts, or in Lord of the Rings. Crazy! But I managed to get what I needed and I only possibly kicked 3 women. Possibly.

TG - Bought Groceries

Before I could get started, I figured I better have a coffee. Tymmerie gave us a great coffee maker for our wedding and it makes all kinds of coffee very quickly! I love it!

TG - Coffee Number One

Mmmm…caffeiney goodness.

Right away I got started on the stuffing. I’ve never had turkey that had been stuffed, actually. My mom makes a fabulous cornbread dressing as a side, though! She’s not cooking this year but I … Damn. Is that stuffing on my shoe??

TG - Stuffing on my shoe

Maybe I should have another coffee. Cappucino this time!

TG - Coffee Number Two



Things are getting a little shaky. I don’t think this will be the right time to handle the can opener for our canned veggies. I would have gotten more fresh veggies but some big bitch in thigh high boots and a blinging clit ring almost knocked me down when I was reaching for some carrots!

TG - Cans are hard

That’s okay. Canned corn is a decent substitution for fresh corn.

Let’s have another coffee!! That’ll make me forget about the carrot tramp!

TG - Coffee Number Three

Come to think of it, what DID she want with those carrots?

What did she want what did she want whatdidshewant?!?!?

Geez, is it getting hot in here to you guys?

TG - Thawing Turkey

Look at my turkey in the sink! SINK TURKEY! It’s thawing! THAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!


TG - Coffee Number Four


TG - Look at that turkey!

LO&@AMF)O(LISDJFJ((#($*LJFlk20938 ~!!!! 111 #lkjfa…….

TG - I think it's in the oven

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If only moving was always this easy!

Most people don’t know it about me, but I really am a vintage freak. I love antiques and old old movies and old fashions. I also really love the tacky side of it all, like home decor from the late 60s-early 80s. Yeah, I can do the classy, pretty, shabby chic thing and that really is my preferred style, but the old old stuff like we had when I was a little little girl…well, I love it! And with all the vintage and retro goodness lately, I’ve been in hog heaven.

Before I left for my week of helping to take care of my dad, Ulaa had started working on a different kind of house than the ones she normally builds. Her style is very much my style, which is why I always seem to have the country/coastal/shabby chic style of homes. But when she said she wanted to build a more retro style home, I was SOOOO down for it. I got to see pics she posted on plurk while I was using my phone and I couldn’t wait to get home so I could get the new house! And I knew Aldwyn wouldn’t mind, being that he’s used to me changing houses almost every time Ulaa makes a new one, and because he’s old.

I’ll wait here for him to come hit me.

So yesterday evening when I got home, I pulled up everything and plopped down our new house. It makes me so happy!! It’s all retro goodness and fabulous and I love it! I started decorating a little bit last night but got too tired to finish. Then today Ulaa came over while I was out at the Vintage Fair and she said she’d fix the kitchen for me kind of like she had it in the vendor ads she did. I’m always happy for someone else to do the dirty work for me, so I sat around thinking of other stuff while she worked.


She did a GREAT job and I’m totally happy! Plus she re-papered the walls in “my” kitchen wallpaper we’d had in the Odette house. The wallpaper makes me ridiculously happy because it reminds me a little of the paper we had in the kitchen back when I was 6 or 7.

I worked a bit more before Al got home. I think the living room is just about finished, except I need to pull out some knick knacks. And can I just say I’m terribly disappointed that I can’t find any macrame owls for the walls?

The living room is just about done

The bathroom got started on today, but not finished. Our bedroom needs to be done, and so does the guest room. Yes, I like to have a guest room. You never know when someone needs to stay over! Then I’ll work on the landscaping. Or make Al do it, like I was making him work on the backyard. What? He’s the man. He should take care of the yard!

By the way, if you want to get Ulaa’s house, you can get it over at the Vintage Fair. Remember that it JUST started today, so it’s pretty laggy for the moment, but oh my god, it’s SO worth going to. You wouldn’t believe the things creators have put out. Really fabulous work! Ooh! And I’m going to be DJing out there on Sunday from 7pm-9pm SLT! It’s going to be a sock hop! Fun times!

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Hit all the things!

Plurk was down again for a while today. If you notice a sudden rush of blog posts, it’s because people get productive in SL when it is down. LOL! But truthfully, plurk is like constantly having your buddies with you, and for those of us who use it happily, it’s harsh when it’s just torn from us. WE CRY AND HIT ALL THE THINGS. Or just do pics. Whatever.

I'm like, totes emo and stuff!

That’s the new Padded Room by aDORKable Poses, btw. I wasn’t sure how I’d feature it in a blog post when she was first talking about it, but it worked well today!! I always feel like I can photoshop the hell out of the pics I show here instead of the ones I show on the style blog. I hate when fashion bloggers overly photoshop their pics, but it seems to be the standard lately. Not that the pics aren’t extremely lovely, but you know. You want to actually see the items shown, not sit there marveling over their use of shadows and the liquify brush. It’s hard because I’m not extremely skilled at photoshop or anything, so I often feel like my pictures are lacking when I see them on the feeds in between all these really exceptional photos. But I suppose they get the job done. 🙂

Not too much progress on the wedding yet. EXCEPT… My dress is getting worked on already!!! Kouse Singh of Kouse’s Sanctum is making me a custom dress and I could NOT be more excited!! I showed her some pics of styles that I like, and I’m just letting her do her thing. I know it will be AMAZING. I have blogged a couple of her wedding dresses before and when she volunteered, I was like… holy SHIT. LOL!! I think the main problem will be the guest list. I mean…well, see…not everyone I like likes each other. And I KNOW they would put their differences aside for one evening so they can share in my day, but I just hate thinking that there are going to be uncomfortable people sitting there who might just bolt after the ceremony just to get away from this person or that person. Or who might just stay to spite someone else. I know that not all of my friends are going to, or have to, like each other. Obviously there are a few people I dislike in SL who are friends with my friends. But…ugh. I don’t want to have to worry about it, and it’s really been bugging me the past few days. Sometimes it makes me not even want to have a wedding and just get partnered quietly. But I would really regret that in the long run. I guess we’ll just send out invites and see where the chips fall.

 Of course, at some point we also have to set a wedding date so that we can make invites. I suppose THAT would help, right? :-p