This and That.

I suck at Poser. LOL I’m super cereal about this, too. I downloaded and installed the SL avatars to use, I turned off the inverse kinetics or whateverthehell, and then the little avatars said O Hai, U Suck, and proceeded to do their own thing. :-p I’m usually really good about picking up programs fairly quickly, but I think this one I may have to actually read up on or something. I WILL learn it, because I’ll be damned if there’s a program out there that I can’t at least learn the basics of. I’m not asking to animate a jive. I just want a nice couch pose. LOL

You know what really bugs me about FashCon lately? I mean, aside from the 50,000 stupid group notices everyday, half of which are “oops, forgot my LM/notecard/texture!” The fact that there doesn’t seem to be a real screening process for who gets to post notices. I could sign up as a designer, I guess. I make crap to wear. But I wouldn’t because I am not that good. If I ever get better in the quality of my builds, then maybe I might feel like I can be up there with the better creators. Until then I’ll just be over here in the corner. But then I see everyone who has half a store in FashCon sending out crazy notecards that are misspelled and lame. OH! That brings me to another thing. Using textspeak in “business” notecards. A notice that comes through with “And then u will look grate in ur new cloths” usually doesn’t make me want to run my ass over and grab the “cloth.” LOL I know not everyone has English as their first language, and I know PLUH-ENTY of native English speakers who couldn’t write a coherent sentence if it would save their life, but wow. It’s business, right? Maybe I’m just a bitch. LOL

OMG, check it out! I’m totally on the wall in the slideshow at Striking Poses!!

I'm a model? LMFAO WOOT!

While I was out there waiting to see my pic, a neko was there with her tail like, in her butt, not coming from her spine. I should have taken a picture of that.

I think I ate too much. I have a headache. It’s a chicken headache!