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Forcing Myself Into A Panel

Oops. Despite the fact that January was 17 years long, I didn’t update. Wow, self. Way to go on the whole “I’m gonna update this more.” thing I had going. 🙂

SO.. today I filled in at a BVN presentation with Groves. It was about non-traditional blogging – meaning not fashion blogging. Crap Mariner was the other blogger on the panel, but had to leave about midway through and being that I still run a personal SL blog (as bad as I have been at updating it), I hopped up into the seat to talk. If you want to check out the presentation, it was streamed on YouTube. I also had to relog twice, so.. yay me. LOL

It was really fun, and I’m so glad that I was able to go in and help out.

I was actually planning on updating this blog and have a post started, but I am not feeling really great right now, so I’ll finish that up when I feel like sitting at the computer a little more. ❤

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Girl, Get Your Bloggin’ On

So my Birdy has been talking for a while about wanting to blog. She and Abby have a blog already, but sometimes you just want your own thing. I have worked on collab blogs before and it almost always felt weird to me given that either I felt like I was taking over, OR I felt like I wasn’t contributing enough. So when she said she wanted her own, I totally understood.

Girl, Get Your Bloggin' On!

We spent some time last night setting up her new blog, Sunflowers and Coffee Cups. It’s cute, huh? 🙂 It was great to show her how to do a few things and watch her excitement as she posted her first post. She’s blogged before, of course, but it is different when it’s your own thing. But she is in RL school right now, so don’t expect very frequent updates. Or at least, so she says. She could catch the blogging bug and post a billion times. *laughs* It happens!!

I never thought that I’d still be blogging after so many years. Especially not fashion blogging! I also can’t believe that I still love it like I do. Oh, I’ll admit, sometimes I get worn out. I think all of us do, especially those of us who have been doing it for sooo many years. This May makes 7 freakin’ years that I’ve been fashion blogging. That’s a lot of fashion, man. *laughs* But I love it. And I love this blog where I can just ramble and for some reason, I still have readers. I love that I can go back and look at old posts and remember all the feelings I had on those days. Like, did you know that on January 11, 2008, CeNedra contacted me for the first time? She was the reason for so many good things to happen in my SLife. Same date in 2010, I played Dragon Age: Origins for the first time, and that really opened me up to a whole new world of video games. 2013, I was fairly lonely when Aldwyn wasn’t around. 2014, we had Abby and I was a mom. And all of those things I get to experience again, just be re-reading my blog. It’s really nice.

But writing has its price. Like I am now completely behind schedule and only have an hour to get all ready to go out with my RL bestie. Bye!

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Day 155 – What makes it real?

Just prefacing this by saying this is an opinion post. My opinion. Might be yours, might not be. But either way, don’t get all butthurt about it. Thanks. 🙂

Day 155 - What makes it real?

So Gogo pointed us over to this post on NWN earlier today. Not for the article itself, but for the comments.

I have such a hard time taking the whole fashion and models thing in SL seriously.”

Well, who asked you to? No one.

“Why are there no blogs on SL vehicles or weapons?”

Because no one has bothered?

“Or rather aspiring for free promo clothes from the creators, isn’t it?

Obviously you’ve never been a fashion blogger or you’d know that most of us spend a LOT of money putting looks together. Most of us are not blogging freebies.

“Most fashion blogs aren’t even real blogs anyway: those bloggers don’t express themselves, we never hear about their inspiration for this and that look. We never know anything about the blogger’s personality (or probably the lack thereof). They just make a pretty photo and if we’re lucky they tell us what they are wearing.”

What makes a REAL blog?

Yes, writing can make a blog. It’s like an online journal. Some people want to know you through your blog – what you do, what you think, etc. There are the fashion blogs where you see why someone chose what they did. But there are other blogs. There are photoblogs that show just a picture and credits. There are video blogs. There are microblogs [like Tumblr or even Flickr].

Now, personally? I do wish people would do more writing. I like knowing things about someone. I miss all the personal blogs where people talked about things. I know there aren’t really that many left in the grand scheme of SL blogging, not like there was when I got this blog started. There are many more fashion blogs, and yes, I do wish people wrote more on their fashion blogs. But some don’t and that’s their business.

Having both a personal and a fashion blog gives me the opportunity to see both sides of the coin there, so to speak. Trust me, it would be EASIER if I’d just do a picture and some credits on my style blog, and I do it once in a while if I’m terribly short on time. But I’m not into fashion blogging for free stuff. MOST of us who have been doing this for years are not. Yes, you always get new bloggers who immediately want to be on all the lists and get all the things without doing any work. You’ll know them right away. They’re the ones who ask for “sponsors” [don’t do that] and try to get invited to every single event immediately. They’re the ones who fizzle out before most of them are even eligible to get on most of the fashion feeds.

Ask the long term fashion bloggers. We sign up for events only if there is an open call. Very few of us ever ask designers if we can get free stuff from them. Most of us are on the lists we’re on based on our work or the friendships we have made – and we prefer it that way.

Personal SL blogging is so different to me. I can come in here and say whatever I feel like because I’m not on any feeds. I am more free. But there are days when I’ve done nothing in SL worth talking about. Days when all I want to do is a photo. And there are days, like today, where I have a lot to say. I get notecards or IMs sometimes from strangers who liked something I had to say, or didn’t like it, or who just want to talk to someone. Let’s face it, it’s hard to make friends in SL these days, it seems like. With everyone either stuck on platforms or hating the club scene, it’s not as easy to make friends as it once was. So they read my blog. They get to know a little bit about me. They feel like they CAN talk to me because, after all, I’m no different than anyone else. I’m sure other “personal” SL bloggers get the same treatment.

If there is a type of blog you’d like to see – WRITE IT YOURSELF. If there is not a blog for guns or cars or clubs or landscaping or people who love facelights, then you might have to write it yourself. Or you know what? If you’re a creator of such things, read the feeds. There are several. You can even find a listing of them on this page.. Look at the pictures, read the blogs. Find who you think takes nice pictures or writes well and send them a notecard and a sample of your work. Ask them to visit your event or club. Just because someone never has blogged a certain thing doesn’t mean that they never would. And if they don’t? That happens, too, even to the biggest of designers.

I guess my point here is that just because a blog is bad, or uninteresting, or has no writing on it – it doesn’t make it less real than any other kind of blog. It’s just a different kind of blog, and there is always room for someone who wants to try their hand at it.

Except for the facelight blog. Don’t do that.

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Day 72 – That’s not a good look!

It’s rare that I have any big problems with SL. I usually rez really fast, everything around me rezzes really fast, and I don’t lag much. But on the nights where I DO have some problems for whatever reason? Well…it’s pretty funny!!

Day 72 - That's not a good look

Still not having a problem moving around, though. So that’s a plus.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Big Bad Blogger Challenge. I kept meaning to run it last year but with all the RL medical issues that were going on, even when I wanted to, I just didn’t know if my schedule would allow it. But now that things here are fairly calmed down and my first trip of the year is over, I’m thinking about doing it this month. I’m wondering if there would even really be a following for it this year because it seems like most of the non-fashion bloggers have either stopped writing, or they’ve moved to just doing fashion and don’t care about writing. But it was so much fun those first 2 years! I figured it would run a little differently this time, starting on a Monday and ending on Sunday [there was some grumbles in 2010 that it wasn’t a 7 day project] and that Sunday we could have the blogger party in the afternoon so that some of the non-US bloggers could join us. The party was a mid-week thing before, back when I was running the Hump Day Parties each week, and not always easy for everyone to get to.

I dunno, still just thoughts in my head, but I really would love to do it again. So we’ll see.

Ugh. I’m still ugly and Aldwyn is still just body parts. I need to go take care of this!

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Ever need to talk about nothing? Me too!

I’m dancing out the last few hours of the weekend.

Bounce bounce!

Earlier today, Sophia asked me to be in a picture with her for the “Bloggers We Love” challenge that’s going on. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s mostly a fashion blog thing, although I’d love to see more of the non-fashion bloggers do it too. You pick a blogger that you like, whether you’re friends or not, and do a post with them. Her post about me was pretty damn sweet, so you should go read it and see the pictures.

But this is the picture I caught while we were posing.


This is probably why I’ll never be considered a real fashionista or a top fashion blogger, huh?

It occurred to me while she was doing our pics that I so rarely take photos with people anymore. And even more rare, I don’t take advantage of my eleventy billion couples/friends poses. I should have so many pictures of me with the ones I love best, and I don’t. I really need to change that.

I jumped on the bandwagon last night and got some KittycatS. You guys have probably seen them all over the feeds lately. I wasn’t going to do it, but I am a total cat lover, and the fact that you can just keep them as a pet and not breed them really hooked me. So I ended up with two babies last night – Griffin and Sabine.

Sleeping kitties

Griffin is the dark male, Sabine is the white female. I don’t really know about the breeds or anything, but I know Sabine is a Diamond, which sounds pretty good to me. I’m not going to let them breed, although I am KIND of tempted. But the last thing I need to do is get into breeding these and have 84,000 cats running around. I just want pets. I kind of wish one of them would have been orange and white, though.

Okay, bedtime.

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That’s what YOU think!

I haven’t had a really good opinion piece in a while, but a blog post was brought to my attention today and a quote from it made me roll my eyes.

“So while I understand that a lot of designers refrain from giving out review copies, we bloggers rarerly blog things we have to pay for.”

So. Not. True.

I would gather that in most of my style posts, I’ve paid for at least 80% of what I’m wearing. It takes money to become a blogger, something that most people starting out fail to realize. Unless you’re blogging nothing but freebies, it takes money. It is such a horrible misconception that bloggers have their Second Lives basically paid for. Sure, there are some bloggers that get a ton of review copies – but those ones are few and far between.

Now I’ll admit that I’m fairly lucky. I’ve made friends with some pretty kickass creators, and I get things for free here and there. Other lists that I’ve managed to get on, it’s because I have bought things in the past from that store [you’re delusional if you think creators don’t check that] and I’ve blogged items from there before.

But, for the most part, I spend a GREAT deal of money financing my hobby. Yes, hobby. Fashion blogging is not a job for me. None of the creators I blog pay me except in thank yous and sometimes in free items. If there is something I think I’d like to blog and I’m not on that creator’s blogger list, I buy it. If it means that I sometimes show the same item a few times in different posts, hey, that’s just how it is. I do not ask for review copies. I’m the one who chose to be a fashion blogger, so it’s up to me to finance that. Any free items I’m given, whether from a friend or from someone who happens to like my blog, I am grateful for.

This quote from this blog bothered me because I see how hard my creator friends work. And I also see how they choose how a blogger gets their items. Some take the somewhat easier route of passing blogger copies to a blogger group and hope that someone blogs them. Others have a delivery system that sends to a list of people that they like. And some others still do it by hand, passing out to bloggers that they like. Almost always, with the exception of the group givers, they choose bloggers who have either blogged their items before, or who have at least shopped in the store before.

YES. SHOPPED. As in “Oh hi, you spent the money to buy something from me.” They are 10 times more likely to give to a blogger who requests a review copy if that blogger has shopped with them before.

Because you know, we see how it goes. We see the bloggers who believe that having a blog means they can ask for the whole store.

Honey, it so doesn’t mean that at all.

You can’t have a blog that has no posts and yet ask for fatpacks of items from stores that you’ve never shopped at before. Yes, we all start somewhere, but usually we start by opening our wallets.

So, Ms. “Bloggers only blog what they’re given” Ma’am. You are desperately, completely wrong in your statement. Maybe YOU only blog free items you’re given, but the rest of us are shopping, and I’ll take a guess that our blogs will be around longer because of it.

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The BBBC 2010 Wrap Up

Well everyone, we did it! We reached the end of another challenge. Some people asked why it’s only 6 days. My answer is… Did you really want to write on a Saturday? :-p Except for the NZ bloggers, who did have to end on Saturday since my Sunday is their Monday. Time zones. Such silly things. Some people are continuing to go because they want to complete all 6 topics but weren’t able to post every day, and that’s cool, too!

I wanted to thank all of the bloggers who participated. We ended with 97 blogs on the blogroll, which is wildly impressive to me! There were 25 bloggers in 2008, and 67 in 2009. We just keep growing as a blog community and I think that is an excellent thing. Your contributions to the SL community are outstanding as bloggers, never never think they are not. I was so happy that so many participated this year! People wrote outside of their comfort zone, they found that they DO have something to say, and they fell back in love with writing. It’s amazing to me when someone who came into this kind of just to do it comes to me and says, “I didn’t realize I had so much to say! I’m going to keep blogging!” I seriously could not ask for more than that.

The blogroll will be up until tomorrow, and then left here for the rest of the year, although under my normal blogroll and of course not as expanded as it is now. The 2008 & 2009 blogrolls are also still here, but they’ll be moved around. I encourage all of you to check out all the blogs on the list at least once. There are blogs that were in the challenge this year that I had never heard of before, but I think they’ll be finding their way into my regular blog reading. We have such a blend of writers in our blog world, with so many different ideas and experiences. It’s simply wonderful.

Will I do this again next year? Oh God, you bet I will. I will continue doing the challenge every June until I’m no longer a blogger. You all give me so much inspiration, I couldn’t imagine NOT doing it.

So that’s my final post on the BBBC 2010. Life goes back to normal now. Well, as normal as things get. 😉 I love you, bloggers and readers! ♥

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BBBC Final Topic!

Yeahhhh! Final topic! We pretty much do the same final topic each year, but honestly, I think it’s a great one. The question is the same for both the SL and the non-SL bloggers, but choose the one that is for you.

If this is your first BBBC… What did you get out of your experience? Do you think it will change the way you blog in the future?

If you’re a veteran…. Did you find this year to be harder or easier than previous years? Did you have fun? What did you get out of it this time around? Do you think you’d do it again?

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BBBC Topic #4 – What’s my age again?

If you’re looking for the sign up list, it’s over here.

Hey, we’re halfway done! I hope you guys are having as good of a time with it as I am! It’s been awesome reading your blogs! I’m still working on why a few of them are not updating correctly on the blogroll. If any of you have ideas, shoot them at me. I never said I was technical. 🙂

And don’t forget, tomorrow there is a Hump Day Party going on at 7pm SLT! We’ll be in the happy party ball, but there’s not really a theme. Just dress however you want and come up to have some fun. I’ll have the SLurl tomorrow, since I’m not in world at the moment to get it for you guys.

Okay! Topic number four!

SL Bloggers – Is your avatar more or less your current biological age? Do you portray a younger avatar, or older? Why is this?

RL Bloggers – Do you lie about your age? Do you think you act your age? Are you where you thought you’d be at your current age?