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Tired Tuesday

Thank you to those of you who have told me things to do to try to help my wrists and arms!! I tried resting my arms today from the computer, and for the most part, it worked. Lots of rubbing and advil, plus a couple of hours on the phone while I shopped & made dinner. But it’s so hard for me to not be plugged in. I read books on my computer, I check recipes, I look up news stories, etc. I’m sure you guys are the same. I’ve decided it’s not really typing that makes me hurt, because it all seems to be primarily in my right forearm and I figured out it is probably the constant holding of the mouse. Yuck. What a pain. Like, for real. :-p As the night has gone on, though, I find myself hurting more, so I really need a break tomorrow, which I plan on having by removing myself from my house and taking my mom to lunch.

So anyway, it was Fat Tuesday today and I didn’t really celebrate. No parties or anything like that. I wasn’t really in the mood for a party, but I heard there were some decent ones here and there in SL. I did, however, pull out last year’s beads and masks and ended up putting together a little party look for myself.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras pointing

I don’t know why I decided on that dress. Mardi Gras outfits are normally pretty…well, slutty. It just seemed more fun to wear a fluffy long dress instead of something that gave away the farm. I don’t know if that dress is available for purchase, it was a camping gift from Hal*Hina some months ago. It’s so pretty, though, and I don’t know why I don’t wear it more often.

The kitten and I were running around the island and stopped over on Layne’s land for pictures. Layne has just developed this gorgeous paradise on her land. I’m so lucky to have her living on the island, because her piece of land is truly remarkable. Plus there’s a lot of places to sit and hang out!


On Layne's land

I also took some time from my solitude on the island to go check out Nika Dreamscape’s art show. I just love her work and I couldn’t resist buying a few pieces while I was there in hopes that it would inspire me to decorate. I can decorate better if I have an idea of colors. Of course, I bought a lot of her pink ones, so… I may be feeling the call of pink. I’m not quite sure if Brody will mind if I decorate the entire skyworld in pink furniture. :-p

Nika's show

I spent the rest of the evening with my favorite couple, the Harlow-Sodwinds. Sky snapped a few pics of me with Elle [yes, I really AM that into this cat] and Sophia and I were going to have our picture taken together with our cats, but SL decided it was not to be the case and first Sky crashed, then Sophia crashed and couldn’t log back in, and by that time it was like, ok, so this is not happening tonight. LOL There were “asset” problems that even caused me to lose an entire pack of skins that I had gotten from a Midnight Mania board. 😦 I’m so bummed. I don’t know what the skins even looked like, but I know I hate losing gifts. If they weren’t free, I might be on the phone right now with the concierge screaming, “Don’t you know who I AM?!” But since I don’t even know what they looked like, it’s not a huge deal. 🙂

It’s definitely bedtime now, and I plan on doing some inventory cleaning tomorrow at some point. I don’t even know what to wear anymore.

What to wear?

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Pictures Pictures Pictures

I take a lot of pictures of my SL. Tons. TONS. If I’m somewhere, there’s a 95% chance that I’m snapping a picture. It’s that 5% that always gets me, though, because then I don’t take a picture of something I need. :-p But since I haven’t been blogging quite as much lately [and thank you so much to those of you who nudge me. LOL], I have 3 folders on my desktop of pictures to resize and post. But that’s a lot, guys. That’s a LOT.

But I did want to show some, so here’s some randomness over the past few weeks! And as chronological as I’d like to be, it’s probably not going to happen. Also, there’s a good chance I might have already shown a pic & have just forgotten. 🙂

My hunt for Linden bears is still going on, and I’ve been getting a fabulous collection of not just Linden bears, but all kinds of bears! It’s AWESOME! I’ve got animated bears and sculpted bears and bears to hug and hold and run around with. I love love love it!!

So many bears!

The awesome Caitlain dropped this little cutie on me during the gridwide charity work going on for the Victoria bushfire relief. I loved him so much, I bought more and dropped on a few friends that I thought could use a hug.

Koala hug

Speaking of the bushfire relief fund, did you hear that with all the donations and all the money that the creators who so generously made items to sell for it, the total amount raised was over $12,000 AUD??? Why doesn’t THAT kind of news make it into the media? Oh, let some crazy nut try to kidnap her SL ex-boyfriend who dressed up like a lion and they’re all over it. Two people get divorced because one caught the other having cybersex in SL, and SL is the epitome of all that is wrong with the world. But thousands of people come together to donate time and talent and money to help, and there’s not a peep anywhere. Forget THAT.

All of my friends did their part with donating. Sophia and I ran around buying stuff for the relief. Here we are at Truth buying the Victoria hair.

Victoria hair

My one regret is that I didn’t buy the ring Ryker Beck designed for the relief before all the relief items were supposed to be taken down. But I don’t have a spare finger for it right now anyway, so I guess it’s ok. But it was a gorgeous ring.

But a gift you can probably still get if it’s in the subscribe-o-matic is this awesome sweater & skirt set by my friend QueenKellee Kuu of Royally. I ADORE this outfit and have worn it a lot more lately than any of my other clothes because I know that no matter what, if I put it on, I’ll be cute. Go to her store and sign up in the subscribe-o and get into the history to find it.

Royally Gift

And of course I’ve been butt-deep in hunt gifts. We need to have an inventory sorting party SOON because I blazed past 40k in my inventory and am *this* close to 41k. LOL It’s sad.

Luckily some things I’ve tried on, I could throw away immediately. Like…this.

MONSTER Red dress!

Of course, when I wasn’t hunting, I was shopping like mad. That pink sale that Armidi had was just heavenly for a girly girl like me.

Armidi load

I’ve been spending a lot of time out at Sacred lately, too. Sophia’s RL & SL husband, Skyhawke, is not just a fabulous photographer. He’s a pretty kickass DJ as well, and we go out there at least a couple of times a week to hear some music, dance, and talk until we start laughing and then can no longer speak because we’re crying too hard with laughter.

Cute at Sacred

I’m awesome at catching just the most crazy shots of my friends. Seriously, I have SO many pictures where they are in such weird positions. I usually save them for myself, but Sehra looks so boobalicious in this shot, I had to show it.

Sehra's boobs. LMAO

Speaking of Sehra, I caught this picture of her her and her boyfriend Bone dancing at one of our impromptu parties a few weeks ago and never posted it. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Bone & Sehra dance

Oh…I caught Sophia on a pole with this noobish guy, too. Then I stole his last $5L. Yes, that’s me back there in the purple dress with the green leggings. It was 80s night, ok?!

Sophia likes noob butt

One night at Sacred we were doing what we do and changing into all kinds of costumes when Sky played Blind Melon’s “No Rain” and we HAD to get into bee outfits. Except for Pumpkin, who was a flower. Naturally that required a photo. Sophia, Tristan and I are bees, and then menudo lovin’ Pumpkin is the flower. I love this picture and it’s my desktop wallpaper right now.

Buzz buzz!

I stumbled onto this picture of me and Brody [who yes, was Levi, for those of you who aren’t in my inner circle and weren’t told, or who don’t plurk, or who just didn’t guess. LOL] and it makes me laugh because I forgot taking it. We look like we’re waking up from a nap and he’s just having a really hard time getting up out of bed. But c’mon, look at the bed. It’s awesome and looks sooo comfortable!

Waking up

And last…Elle. Oh my dear little kitten. I’ve bought a lot of things in SL. I’ve spent a lot of money on hair and shoes and clothes and houses and skins and things to play with and ride on, but nothing compares to this little kitten. If I’d known just how much fun it would be for me to have a prim cat, I would have bought one the very moment they were released! I have always, in my RL, felt better when I have a cat, and I didn’t realize that’s what my SL was lacking.

Of course, a little part of me thinks, “What’s different between this and a prim baby?” But then I tell that voice to shut the hell up and I feed my cat.

Elle stretching

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The past few days.

Ok, so I’ve been kind of a bad blogger lately. I’ve been lazy. Plus I joined Snapzilla because I wanted to comment on Brody’s pics and now I’ve been cluttering up my page with pictures. LOL I hate hate hate hate hate how low res they are there, though. HATE. But it’s still amusing to me right now, so I’m playing with it.

This week I DJed an anniversary party for my friends Night & Margo. One year together in SL!! I met them both around the same time they were getting together, and they’ve always been just so kind to me, so it was wonderful to get to DJ for them.

Anniversary party

In between parties and doing an enormous amount of shopping, I’ve been trying to redecorate our home. My friends are AMAZING at decorating. I’m afraid that’s a skill I don’t have, in SL or RL. I just signed up for a subscription to Elle Decor, so maybe I’ll learn something when the magazines start rolling in. But until then, I just go to furniture stores, stare blankly at what’s there, and go buy shoes. If you guys have store recommendations, I’d love to hear them. I already know Mudhoney, The Loft, Instinct, Corn, and Mudshake.

When I’m not doing all of that, I’ve been getting to spend more time with Brody lately. You all can’t imagine how happy that makes me. At the risk of sounding too incredibly mushy… when he’s with me, everything just seems so much better.


But when he’s not with me, I need a friend. And while the girls are great and I adore them to bits, I can’t always depend on them to come hang out with me whenever I’m bored. So I went and got myself a new friend who will be there whenever I want her to be.


Isn’t she PRECIOUS?! My beautiful new cream tabby, named Elle, for Elle Woods. I love Elle Woods! When she got Chutney to confess to killing her own father just by talking about perms…oh it was beautiful. So my kitten’s name is Elle. 🙂 And I love her. Just LOVE her. She bounces and meows and plays with toys bigger than she is and eats a lot of food and wears sweaters…it’s just CUTE. I even got together last night with Khari, Nikki, and Sehra and all their animals and we had a little party with our pets bouncing around.

So yes, for the most part, my SL has been going so well, I have pretty much not had time to blog. But then last night as I was getting ready to go to bed, I learned one of my closest friends was preparing to leave SL. I don’t really know why, and I respect her enough to not pry, but I can’t tell you how sad I was. She’s totally been there for me and my SL is a little less fun without her there. I’m only hoping that she will just decide it’s a break and come back, because we love her so much and will miss her terribly if she truly leaves us. I have her email, and will be bothering her, but right now I’m giving her time to breathe. We all need space and time to breathe to recharge, and I love her enough to let her have that. If you’re reading this, remember that we love you so much and we will be here whenever you need us to be. We’re not going anywhere. ❤

I feel another shopping binge coming on.

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Valentine’s Fun

It’s late, very late, but I wanted to go ahead and blog while I still have a little caffeine buzz and since I’ll end up putting it off. This post will probably be more picture heavy than word heavy, but that’s never a bad thing.

I never make plans to do anything on Saturdays until the evening because my Saturdays are normally taken up by family things. But my poor mom caught the flu that my dad had last weekend, so she said I should stay home so I wouldn’t catch it. She’s always scared of any time I get sick. So since I was awake early, I decided to go over to the Isle of View and check out the Linden stuff. It was actually fun, even if it was very lagged out.

Garry Linden's kissing booth

Garry...moose? LOL

That’s Garry Linden’s “bear.” LOL Yeah, I don’t know either. But Garry was a very nice guy and his moose head thing is a welcome addition to the family.

I actually went out there again later on with Sophia and we met the cuuuuutest little Linden – Ekim Linden! OMG, his little av was just too cute for words. Sophia told him she wanted to bite him, and then she offered to partner him. He gave us hugs and we ran off before we scared him more. LOL

Meeting Ekim Linden

One of the best best best parts of my Valentine’s Day was that I got to spend time with Brody. 🙂 We spent almost all afternoon together, which was awesome! He had left roses, balloons, and a card for me to find when I woke up. Yes, I was completely giggly and happy as only a girl can be. 🙂 I moved them all into the office, which is where he found me when he logged in.

In the office

I know, isn’t he hot in that new tux? I couldn’t let him upstage me in the looks department, so I immediately got into a formal gown and we went down to the fiesta area to dance all afternoon. 🙂

Valentine Dance

Getting those few hours with him just made my day. 🙂 Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, baby.

After I had to go for dinner, I came back and threw on a crazy Valentine’s outfit. I don’t often dress too nutty, so it was kind of fun for me to run around with wings and this crazy curly hair. But then I started doing one of my new dances [more dances! I need more dances!!!] and I got an idea to go down and dance on the water. I thought the pics turned out pretty well. Not perfect, but they’re cute.

Water dance


The rest of my evening was spent over at Sacred with Sophia, her husband Skyhawke, and the rest of the crew. Oh man… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! I was just crying over some of the things being said!

I probably also am *this* close to being kicked out of my brand new Snapzilla account because I kept sending pics. LOL!! I couldn’t help it, it was fun to do! You can check it out to see more pics of today, but it drives me up the WALL that they come out all low quality, so I don’t know how much I’ll actually end up sending pics in.

A few [clear] pics from tonight.

Sophia and me. This picture cracks me up because we’re in such goofy poses.

Sophia & me

DJ Skyhawke got ringed. I’d feel bad for him, but I totally don’t.

Ringed DJ

Sophia found an outfit in her inventory called Little Red Riding Ho. And well, of course she had to put it on. I’m not sure what Sky is doing in the corner.

Little Red Riding Ho

Yes…I’m the teacup. LOL! It was just getting late.

We were up just way too late.

I’m like a ringleader, I call the shots. Isn’t this outfit cute? It’s by Four Yip. I love it when I put it on, but I forget that I have it when I’m looking for something adorable.


And in addition to ALL of this, I got a bunch of bears from friends and readers. Thank you all so much! I just love bears and you all are awesome for thinking of me when you run across one!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s like I did!!

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Busy busy night!

I’m on my way to bed after a very busy, but very fun, night!

I was hired to do a 1 hour set at the grand opening of the Casa Spa by Dorian over in the Costa Rica sims. Yes, a spa in SL. 🙂 I’ve blogged about another one that’s in SL last year, but you know, I STILL haven’t booked an appointment to any of them! It was a fun little set, but the best part was that Brody got to come hang out with me. We simply don’t get enough time together in SL, so having him by my side while I did my thing was just awesome.

And a little distracting. 😉

What? I'm supposed to WORK?

Big thanks to Bibe, Mena, and the Casa Spa staff for having me out there.

Now, since I had my stream up, and since everyone’s been wanting to have a hump day party…that’s exactly what we did!

And holy cow, y’all. It turned into a circus quick. We had 30 people there at the peak, and I am pretty sure I only knew about 10 people. LOL!! But hey, it’s not like it was RSVP and after a while it was like, the more the merrier! [A line stolen from Cher Horowitz. Don’t know who she is? Tsk.]

Massive party

Lots of craziness, lots and lots of chatting, lots of dancing, and lots of fun! Even Laleeta got in on the action. Well…kind of. She was snoozing while we were partying, but she didn’t want to be left out of the fun!


Sophia was an absolute angel and kind of took over as hostess, which I appreciated GREATLY because it’s often hard for me to do the DJ thing and host at the same time. I don’t know that she was hostessing as much as just talking, but either way, my hetero life partner took one for the team and ended up getting quoted on another blog. LOL!!! I won’t say which, you’ll just have to look around for it.

After the party started to wind down, we headed over to the tringo area [yes, Bluebonnet has much to do sometimes!] and we had a few games. Some of the people had never played Tringo before, so it was fun to get to teach! I kind of suck as a teacher, but luckily they’re smart and picked it up really quickly. 🙂

This was after Bone FINALLY won a game and he chose “Bone” as a blockset. LOL

Tringo teaching

After the game, I spent some time chatting with my girls about the party. That’s always the most fun for me, when I can change out of my party clothes and we can talk about who was there and who wore what and who said what. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore my girls? I’m blessed beyond reason to have found them, and I say that in all honesty.

I’m finally heading to bed, exhausted but happy. Spending hours with Brody and my friends? It makes this blogger one happy happy lady.

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Rio Salado

I had the chance yesterday to DJ for a bit for the opening of the virtual campus of the Rio Salado College. It was totally a lot of fun!

Rio Salado College

It was really great to meet some of the people who are joining us in SL through their school. They were exceptionally nice people and I really enjoyed myself.

I was the opening act for SL live performer Cylindrian Rutabega. I’d never had the chance to hear her before [I don’t get out to a lot of live shows in SL, I’m sorry to say], but it was awesome!

Cylindrian Rutabega

Her voice is amazing. She sounds a little like Tori Amos. If you have a chance to go hear one of her shows, I’d recommend it. I know I’m going to try to go listen again sometime!

I think the best part for me was getting to dance with Brody during one of my favorite songs in the world, “At Last.”


Big thanks to Terri for asking me to DJ, and to the staff at Rio Learn Gardens for letting me entertain for a bit! It was a great time, and I hope you all enjoy your Second Life!!

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Oh yes, THE wand.

So the other night Brody and I were hanging out and I get this IM from Sophia.

Sophia Harlow: OOOOO brody has a magic wand?
Alicia Chenaux: yes, he does.
Sophia Harlow: starax’ magic wand?
Alicia Chenaux: yep!
Sophia Harlow dies

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a tiny history lesson, yanked from what I’ve found on Google. Back in the day, Light Waves [yes, of Rezzable fame] was Starax Statosky. And Starax created a magic wand. The wand responds to I believe 150 words and when you say a word, a creation comes out! There aren’t many people with the wand today, it’s no longer sold, and it’s not transferable. So it is a TRUE collector’s item, and one that a lot of people in Second Life have never seen in action.

So when I told Brody that Sophia learned he had a wand, he said that she should come over and get a demonstration of the wand. It’s so much fun to play with, and he never minds showing it off. I TPed her over and we got to playing.

Wand fun

More wand fun

Nothing is sculpted in the wand, it’s all prim work, and it is FANTASTIC. There’s so much!

My favorite favorite favorite thing in the wand is when you call for the Gallows. Gallows pop up, you select Farewell, and suddenly you’re in a long dark tunnel and you have to go towards the light. The light ends you up in Heaven!!


Well….Heaven’s waiting room, anyway. LOL! We sat around, but I guess the angels were just too busy to come get us. Or they saw us coming. I’m not sure which.

How'd she even get that close?

I love that wand. Of course, Sophia and I are about 12 years old at times and we couldn’t help talking about how we shared his wand, played with his wand, and the wand was so big, she almost fell off. LMAO! I love that girl.

Thanks babe, for letting us use your wand. 😉

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Tostadas, Enchiladas, Corona….

If you see me in any stores this week that don’t have freebies, kick me out. Sophia and I are challenging ourselves to only shop for freebies this week. It’s hard! LOL

Brody and I hung out tonight and we decided to head over to the El Jefe Cafe. It’s simply the cutest little Mexican restaurant! I had stumbled on it while searching for Mexican style furniture one day and I was excited to take him.

The night started out fine with us eating the best spicy prim food the restaurant had to offer.

El Jefe Cafe - Eating

But the call of the bar was too much for me, so I hopped up to run over.

El Jefe Cafe - Beer please!

Brody took the time to go check things out in the kitchen. You gotta dig a guy who cooks.

El Jefe Cafe - He cooks!!

I managed to suck down some more beer while he was cooking. He was trying to wait patiently for me to finish…

El Jefe Cafe - He's not drunk yet.

…but I managed to convince him he needed a drink, too!

El Jefe Cafe - On the bar

More drinking.

El Jefe Cafe - Drink!

And um…looks like it’s time to go. LOL

El Jefe Cafe - Time to go home. LOL!

It was a fun night! I highly recommend having some fun at the El Jefe Cafe, and check out the furniture store that it nearby called When Worlds Collide. It’s got some great pieces. There are some other little stores in the area too, but the restaurant was definitely the best thing to me. And sorry, I don’t have a SLurl, just look up When Worlds Collide. 🙂

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Episode 781: The One Where I Show Too Many Photos With Me In Them

Ok, I’m marginally better today, since I can’t seem to hold a grudge or stay too angry for long. lol RLBF did something yesterday that just…ugh. If I were a different sort of person, I probably would have thrown a shoe at him. As it was, I just stayed quiet for the rest of the day, which is probably scarier to him than if I’d just thrown the shoe.

So last weekend my friend Sophia asked me if I wanted a picture done in my new skin. Her husband, Skyhawke Sodwind, does marvelous photos! They bring out the best in everyone, and aren’t post-processed to death like so many SL photos end up being. Of course I agreed right away! LOL Tuesday night, I headed over. Cen and later Brody joined me in bugging the Harlow-Sodwinds. 😉 Ok, so we probably didn’t bug them TOO much. 🙂 What came out were 2 gorgeous photos of me, and fabulous pictures of Cen and me and Brody and me.

In gray & pink

In red

Cen and me

Brody and me

The picture of Cen and me was put together with separate pictures because we couldn’t find a 2 person pose that looked good with both of us. And I’m impressed with the shot of Brody and me because in the studio, my arm was totally going through his shoulder. LOL If you look at my hair in that picture, it’s all feathered out and pretty, too. If I wasn’t so adamant about always wearing prim lashes, Sky would have given me lashes! But well, it’s rare I’m ever without prim lashes, so he didn’t get to do that for me.

Big thanks to Sophia, who has truly been my angel the past few months, for asking us if we wanted to come in for photos, and to Skyhawke, who brings out the best in people without totally changing how they look. You both are awesome!!!