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But I Thought They Were Going To Disney?!

So last month, Abby and Birdy came to me very excited. A camp was going to be happening in July, and would it be possible for them to go? It wouldn’t even cost us a cent other than buying the normal supplies. Well, of course I said yes! All kids need a summer camp and with Camp Hardknock no longer in business, I was glad that they found one that they were interested in. This would be a great chance for them to get away for a week, have some fun, and hopefully meet some new friends. They said the camp is actually going to be happening at Disney! They will be taking a train with other campers all the way to Disney. We heard that there might have been some problems with the train tracks… but hey, I’m sure they have it fixed by now. Although I also heard that last camp, the plane to Disney got lost with the kids on it. Maybe that’s why they’re taking the train this year?

They leave for camp on Saturday, so today we started packing them up. Camp girls need lots of things, like surfboards and dolls and spare underpants and…

But I Thought They Were Going To Disney?!

Wait. Why do these girls think they need a bow and arrows, a sword, tactical gear, and a…bomb case?! What in the world?!

Hmm. Why do I get the feeling there’s more to this camp than they are telling me?

PS: I said no to the tactical gear and bomb case. I’m a good mom, after all.

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Almost Time!!

It’s almost camp time!!! Tomorrow I head in with the other staff, and then Saturday is CAMP DAY!!! We got all packed up tonight. Birdy was in the trunk because we think that possibly we can sneak her in in our luggage! Maybe? I mean, she’s little! She won’t take up much room at all!

Almost Time For Camp!!

I’m getting super excited for camp! I DJed a get together for the cabin 4 girls and just being around them was soooo much fun! I didn’t know all of them but just their energy and their giggles and their silliness was a delight to be around. I can’t wait to get to meet so many new people!

By the way, I have a large parcel open on Bluebonnet if anyone is looking for residential land!

Bluebonnet Parcel Available!!

IM me in world if you would like more details! I might be a little scattered the next few days, but I will get back to any interest in it. 🙂

Now it’s time to sleep because I’m going to need lots of rest for the next few days!

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Doubts and Wagons

We’re still rollin’ full steam ahead on the camp train! On Saturday, there was a party for all of the camp staff. It was a toga party and my sis decorated a really beautiful setting for us. The party was mainly a “Get to know you” thing, which I liked because seriously? I don’t really know these people. *laughs* I mean, I’ve run into them here and there and seen them on plurk, but I don’t actually know them. We took a group picture near the end of the party. This isn’t everyone, since everyone couldn’t come, but I think it’s most of the staff.

Camp Hardknock Counselors - Summer 2015

I also realized why I don’t take a lot of photos of other people. I have this need to control where everyone stands and how they stand. And well…I wasn’t in control of this picture. Although I did get them to move the pig [who is actually a person] so…there’s that. I’m too used to taking pics of just myself, I think.

While I am excited for camp, I’m starting to worry a little about it. As an introvert, I need quiet time, even in SL. And I don’t want to be the counselor who keeps running to the platform to get away from people. *laughs* That would be so rude!! And camp is very immersive, which I am most definitely not used to. I dunno. I guess I just don’t want to screw it up and make the kids have a bad time.

I know most of my doubts are probably for nothing. I’ve just been in a mood the past few weeks. But there’s also that part of me that is always worried when I do something new for the first time. It’s the bad part of being so competitive for no reason. I want to be immediately good at things and not knowing if I will be really gives me a lot of anxiety.

I guess I shouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure everything will come together once we’re actually there.

But I do keep teasing the girls that I’m going to be taking my Homeless Kids Wagon to fill it up at camp. The veteran staff members keep saying that almost everyone comes away from camp with one kid. If my wagon can hold Aldwyn, think of all the littles I can fill it up with!

Homeless Kids Wagon!

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Camp! Camp! Camp!

Guess what time of the year it is? It’s summer camp time! And guess what else?


Camp! Camp! Camp!

I’ve mentioned camp before in several posts. Camp Hardknock usually takes place each summer and winter [there was no winter camp this year] and it’s for the kids in the SL community. But, like any camp, there are adult counselors and this year I was chosen as one! I wasn’t going to apply, but since this is very most likely the last Camp Hardknock, and my sister and brother-in-law were applying [they’ve done it before], I decided to give it a shot. One application and one interview later and I’m in!

Last night the family decided to get started on our bunks. Every camper and counselor gets to prepare their own bunk, which I have blogged about before. We get 50 prims to play with and this is DEFINITELY where mesh items come in handy. I decked out my whole bunk for about 30 prims! Woot!

Almost the entire family is heading to camp next month. My Birdy won’t be joining us because of RL school, and plus I’ll need her to watch Aldwyn for me since he’s not going either. 🙂 It’s going to be really hard to be away from them for a week! Because I’ll be in voice with the campers and in another voice chat with the camp staff, I will probably not to get to skype very much and that’s going to be kind of hard because I’m used to skype calls almost every night with Aldwyn. We’ll survive, though! Especially since when we get home from camp, we’re going on another family trip to the rainforest! Woo!

But speaking of rainforest, I’m off to the store as it’s supposed to be rainy here in my offline world for the next few days and I need food!

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Back to almost normal!

No pretty, edited pics today! Woo! I’m so lazy. LOL


Quick Snap - They're Home!!!!!

The girls got home late Sunday night and I was sooooo glad to see them. They had lots to tell me, all the little things that never make it to plurk, but they were also both super exhausted and needed to go to bed since it was late. I was just relieved to have them home! While they slept, I kept working on the up-upstairs of our house and added a craft area to the family room.

Quick Snap - My new craft area

You know, as much as I am hating gacha these days, The Arcade will always be a fave because seriously, I have done SO much decorating using Arcade items in the past week. That’s where you can get all the little knick knacks and decor items that really make a home.

Last night, both the girls were still tired so I went to hang out with my sister and the rest of the family. They had camp souvenirs to give me, including music/dance things to put on!

Quick Snap - Dancing with the Oleander girls

Then it was an all out fight for my sis to try to catch her dirty little kids so she could get them in the tub! Oh my gosh, Payton is FAST even with all the mud caked on her! *laughs* At one point, she snatched Riley from Lolita’s head [because where else do you do the running man but on top of your mom’s head?] and just ran! Eventually, Lolita got Riley and Raven to take their baths, but Payton managed to skip out on one again because her internet died. I have a feeling Lolita and Takeo are going to have to work together on this one!

Takeo was working last night on a camp video! Even though I didn’t make it to camp, I made it in the video, so that’s pretty cool. 🙂 It’s long, but if you’re interested in camp stuff, you can see it. If you’ve never been to camp, take a look. You might want to sign up for the next one!

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Almost Home

It’s the last day of camp and my family comes home tonight! I’m resting out on the beach so I won’t be tired by the time they make it home!

Almost Home

They really have had a great time and I am so happy for them, but God. I have missed them all so much. I was hoping to walk with them at the RFL thing yesterday, but it was a long RL day and by the time I got settled down, I was exhausted and needed to go to bed. Here is a picture I’m stealing from my sister of the family at the rememberance.

Relay For Life Remembrance

Since I stole one pic, hey, let me steal more for you all to see! *laughs* Here’s a picture of all of us [minus Daddy Z, who got lost at Disney or something] at the family dance on Wednesday.

Oleander-Zanzibar Family

Lolita, Takeo, Abby, and Payton skateboarding across a bridge. Um…is that even safe??

Day Six CHK Summer Camp 2014

Abby found a zombie in a cabinet. Why my child is wandering around in a tutu carrying a shotgun and a huge knife at camp, I don’t even know.

Zombie under the cabinet

Birdy got captured by pirates and her cabinmates had to come get her out. Although, I think if she tried, she could have just walked out. She’s little and those bars are wide!

captured by pirates!

The girls at Friendship Night.

Friendship Night

I’m reallyreallyreally hoping that by next camp, I’ll have a computer that works well enough so that I can go, too. It’s hard being left behind, y’all! Especially since Aldwyn was out of town and so I only got to talk to him on 2 nights this week. Maybe I need to find myself godparents to bother when everyone else is busy. *laughs* Or maybe not.

More RL stuff to do now and then comes the wait for my family to finally come home!!!

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Waiting For The Dance

Tonight is Parents’ Night at camp! Woo!! I’m so excited to see my little ones. They have kept me up to date on their camp activities [which have included being stuck outside in the ground at tuck in time and killing zombies], but I miss them so much! Hopefully Aldwyn will be able to come, too. He got himself dressed last night just in case he’s able to run in during the dance. I managed to get him to NOT wear his Bob Marley board shorts. We can’t embarrass the girls TOO much.

I’m all dressed and ready to go, but while I was deciding what makeup to wear, I decided to just do a pic of myself. I’m actually not naked. My dress is strapless. *laughs*

Oh, hey there.

I’ll try to get some pics from tonight’s dance, but I can’t promise anything. I’m going to have to have my settings wayyyyy down so that I don’t crash so any picture I get is probably going to be all sad and ugly anyway.

Time to let the computer rest for a bit and then wait until the dance!

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My Little Loves

So after much waiting and hugs and I love yous and kisses, my girls set off for summer camp on Saturday. They are having a great time! I’m stealing Abby’s picture from tonight because I forgot to take one of myself tonight. *laughs*

Birdy and Abby- Sunset Day2

I’m happy that they’re having a good time and meeting more friends. It’s given me some time to finish decorating the area of our up-upstairs [our house has 3 floors] that I wanted to make into a play area for the girls. I think it’s super cute up there now. It gave me an excuse to use some of the Arcade stuff that Aldwyn has fought to get for me, too. 🙂 I’ve been working on our bedroom, since that has been an empty-ish mess for a while, and tomorrow I’ll probably put our bathroom together.

But I will say that I miss the girls a lot. I knew that I would, but I didn’t realize just how empty our home is without them. Even if we’re not doing anything [and let’s face it, we’re usually not], there’s always the sound of their giggles and a question to be answered or snuggle needed. It was bad enough when Abby went to winter camp, but now that we’ve got 2 girls running around, it’s twice as quiet. I think it’s even worse on me this time because Aldwyn has been super busy and has been unable to entertain me. I knew ahead of time that he wouldn’t be around a lot during camp week because of RL travels, but ugh! I definitely need to make more friends in SL. Well, friends who understand the family community and who aren’t just all about being naked all of the time. I already have seen some of my friends’ boobs more than I’ve seen my own in the past month! *snickers* I know that being naked and “sexy” is a big part of SL, and was even a big part of my SL for a while, but it’s not any more and that seems to have cost me some friends. Which is fine because I sure don’t want to bring down anyone’s good time or anything like that, not at all! But there has GOT to be some people who just want to chat and dance around and be silly with their clothes on, right?

Anyway, enough whining. 🙂

Two more sleeps and then I get to see the girls at the Parents’ Night dance! Woo!

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Camp Day!!

Guess what day it is?? It’s CAMP DAY!!!! The girls are all packed up and ready to go. They’re only going to be gone for a week so I told them to only bring the essentials.

I think they covered it.

All packed up! It's CAMP DAY!

I’m really excited for them to go. Not because I want them gone!! But camp gives them time to be kids, meet others, make new friends and memories, and this is their first official “big” thing they will do together as sisters! They’re not in the same cabin but that is for the best, I think. They’ll get the fun of going together and doing things together, but they will also do things with their cabinmates and not just be clinging to each other the entire time. It’s really the best of both worlds. Birdy has her cousins Sophie and Tess in her cabin, and Abby is really excited about her cabinmates! All of the Oleanders will be there, too, so I know they will be well taken care of. They are going to have so so so much fun and I’m so happy for them.

However, I am going to miss my little ones!! I guess Aldwyn and I will take this time to walk around the house half dressed. *snickers* Actually, I have plans on finishing up the up-upstairs family room and play area, and maybe finally finish decorating our bedroom and bathroom.

Time to get ready for them to start calling cabins!

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Camp Letters!

The girls finally got their camp acceptance letters! They’ve been waiting and waiting, but Bluebonnet IS off the beaten path and sometimes our mail is a little bit slow. Abby and Birdy couldn’t WAIT to get their letters, but when you’re only 6 and 8, sometimes you just really really can’t reach the mailbox!

Getting A Little Help

Almost there

Luckily for them [and for us!], we made it home to help them out before anything got too crazy. 🙂

Camp Letters

I guess it’s official – They’re really going to camp!

Now comes the hard part. Packing!! If you remember, Abby had a lot of suitcases for winter camp, and we both had a LOT of luggage when we went to the Bahamas, so I can only IMAGINE how much they’re going to pack for camp!

I guess we better get started!