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Day 84 – Live Laugh Love…and stickers!

I went out today to shop around the Live Laugh Love Family Fair. It’s a charity event raising money for Autism Speaks, something near and dear to my heart as two of my best friends have autistic children.

Live Laugh Love Family Fair

As you would expect from a family fair, there’s much to buy for kid avatars, things to put in a family home, and poses made specifically for families. It’s all unbelievably adorable.

I don’t really do the immersive family thing in SL. I consider Ulaa my “sister” and have even taken on two more “sisters” in the past month [Hi Rylan and Willis!], and of course I have my husband, but that’s about as far as it has gone for me. Last year when I started thinking about family stuff, I didn’t have the time or energy to do anything. Now…well, I’d be lying if I said that going to that fair and knowing some of the families I know on plurk doesn’t make me think about it. But I don’t feel like I have the ability to cultivate that kind of bond with anyone at the moment. I’d hate to just get bored with a kid av, you know? Or be like, hey, I know I’m supposed to be your mom and stuff, but can you like…not be in my house? How crappy would THAT be?! LOL!!

Anyway, the fair is for a good cause, so I suggest going out there even if you’re not particularly family oriented because there are things like wall decals and other little cute items for sale. 🙂

Day 84 - Live Laugh Love...and stickers!

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Day 59 – On the wall!!

So a few nights ago, Rainey Manx-Innovia [partner to Ikon Innovia, one of the better eyemakers in SL] asked if she could do my photo for IKON eyes, to stick on the wall and stuff. Naturally I said yes, because 1, I love IKON eyes, and 2, I’m fucking vain and love photos of myself. She did an amazing job on the photo! I’m using it as my profile pic now. Rainey told me that the picture would be their in the Fashion For Life store, and I thought it would just be a little picture on the side or something, maybe with some of the other girls that had their pics done, too.

So tonight I went to FFL [early blogger access for the WIN!!!] and I thought, “Oh, hey. I should go see my pic.” Nothing prepared me for this!

Day 59 - On The Wall!!


Fashion For Life opens tomorrow, and IKON is on the Dreamseeker Zeit sim. There are SO MANY DESIGNERS out there too. I’m about to run back and start looking around again. I saw some great stuff and gacha machines too!

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It’s almost here! It’s almost May 28th! May 28th means everything that I’ve signed on to do in SL will be finished, and I can go back to just hanging out and having fun. Heck, maybe I can even feel right about going and playing Rift for hours again. I don’t know how creators do it. I don’t like feeling like I HAVE to do something in SL.

But May 28th is coming. I’m not – NOT – signing up to blog any more events for a few months. I would never never give up blogging for the Shoe Fair, and of course RFL is an extremely worthy cause, but I think we have been oversaturated with charity events this year, don’t you? I know bad stuff has been happening, but goodness. Charity events are not the new black. When I hear creators say they haven’t made a real sale in ages because people only buy their charity item, you have to wonder if it’s all worth it. It’s good to give to charity, of course, but not at the expense of your own livelihood. I don’t know of many people who could say “Oh sure, take my entire paycheck and give it to the Red Cross” in the real world. I think in June, creators should go back to designing just for their own stores. Charity begins at home, and some creators need to work to keep that home standing.

I’ve been asked about it, but I have no idea if we’ll do another Big Bad Blogger Challenge this summer. Although I have enjoyed it the past few years, I don’t know if I want to do it again. I think a lot of bloggers in SL have changed. It’s more about fashion and charity events than just “This is what I’m doing while hanging out in Second Life.” And that’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. But it does make the challenge a little more difficult. We’ll see. If I choose not to run it and someone else wants to do one similar, don’t take the name please. :-p

Rylan and Sixx got married last week. It was truly a lovely and touching ceremony and I was so glad to have been there.

Rylan & Sixx

wedding reception

I guess I should get back to taking some shoe pictures.

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When left to myself…

You know, I love being a fashion blogger. I really do. I try really really hard to showcase items in the best possible way and I hope against hope that the people that I blog like it. I mean, I’ve got some creator friends. I know some of them groan when certain bloggers do their stuff. Not to say that they’re any less appreciative of the publicity, but of course they’d rather their items be shown off in a nice picture. Because of this, I work really hard to get a nice shot. I am by no means the best photographer in SL. Not. At. All. I seem to be at least on average with people, so that works for me!

But I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the BEST fashion sense. I know what looks WRONG. I watch fashion shows, I read magazines, and I have eyes. I can tell you right away if colors are clashing or if something just looks off. However, when it comes to putting together my own outfits, it can take me a long time! I save pretty much all the outfits I make for the blog so I can have something to easily throw on. It’s not uncommon for me to stay in the same outfit for 2 days after I’ve blogged it simply because I don’t know what else to put on. I know. Worse fashionista ever. :-p

Last night while the grid was rushing over to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, I decided to go check out Fashion For Life. Oh man, what gorgeous items are there! I found myself in a sim with the most amazing Asian inspired clothing, big fluffy doll dresses, kimono, just…oh my god. It was incredible. I didn’t buy any of the dresses because I’m trying really hard to only get things that I know I will wear since my inventory is SUCH a mess, but oh…I was tempted.

I did buy stuff, though. I picked up hair, I picked up boots, I picked up jewelery and a statue. I was putting things on as I was shopping [I like to wear new things right away.] and when I came home to put my statue out, I laughed, because my outfit was just rockin’.

I went to FFL!

This is the kind of outfit I end up wearing when I’m alone. Complete with the carrot riding bunny that flies around me in a circle.

At least it’s all for a good cause. Right? Right??

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Day 345 – Community Food Market

I stopped over at the Thanksgiving Community Food Market earlier tonight. There’s some cute stuff there to buy, like this bag I’m carrying from Duboo. I don’t know if more people are going to set up or not, but maybe?


The money raised goes to the World Food Programme, which is pretty cool. So go do some shopping for a good cause and get some really cute stuff.

I’ve been pretty cranky most of the evening, so it’s definitely time to put myself to bed.

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Day 330 – Halloween Hunt For Autism

I started the Halloween Hunt For Autism today!


This hunt is one of the very very very few that I will endorse in SL because it means so much to me. With two of my best friends having autistic children, and knowing so many others with autistic children, it just means a lot to me. It’s a hunt that you do have to pay $50L to participate in, but that money goes to Autism Speaks, so it’s for a good cause. You have to hold that bag to collect your treats! I haven’t finished yet, and I haven’t unpacked the treats I’ve gotten so far, but I think there’s some great stuff in there. Go over to the starting point and pay the big pumpkin $50L to get your bag. And I’d never tell…but your first prize might MAAAAAYBE be around that fireplace I’m standing near. If you get stuck on any other prize, or just want to find your favorite stores, check out this page on the hunt website for hints and SLurls.

I feel pretty icky tonight [my allergies are working overtime and my throat is sore sore sore], so I think it’s time for bed.

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Day 299 – Fangirl

I was planning a blog post about how the decorating of my new house is coming along and I even had a cute picture to show. But then I went to check out Wear Gray and I had my first fangirl moment in probably well over a year when Elikapeka Tiramisu landed right next to me.


I snapped the picture and then ran like hell.

I used to get a lot more giddy about meeting creators in world. Logically, I knew they were most likely sitting in their underpants eating Cheetos in front of the computer as they created pretties. But still, it meant quite a bit to me because only going off of what they created, I had a certain amount of respect and awe for them. Then Plurk came along and I got to really know creators and it was more like, “Oh right. You’re the one who just threw an emo fit/talked about your bowel movement/told us you tripped up the stairs/got hysterical because someone said they didn’t like your item/just announced your love for Edward Cullen.” /end fangirl.

[Speaking of the dreaded Cullen, I was at the grocery store today and this woman who was about 45 years old was wearing shortie shorts and a tank top that said “I’m in love with a vampire.” The word ‘vampire’ was stretched over one of her spare tires. I’m pretty sure that Edward would have looked at her in that emotastic way, and said, “Oh honey no.”]

So, you know, it’s been a while since I’ve fangirled. Creators and bloggers are just like me. We just have different skills. I write. They draw or build. We’re probably ALL in our underpants at some point. It all works out, you know? I was a little taken aback by feeling like I was a noob in SL again when Elika landed next to me and my first thought was, “HOLY SHIT.” I couldn’t even say hi, which is RIDICULOUS as I’ve talked to her a bit on plurk before.

All I can say is, at least I didn’t start pointing and squealing.

Speaking of Wear Gray, I’m DJing from 8pm-10pm SLT tomorrow [Sunday the 12th]. I’d LOVE to see you guys out there! I’m donating 100% of my tips to the Wear Gray donation box, so come out and have some fun and support a great cause! 🙂