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This is an ex-chicken!

I heard something today on Plurk that kinda made me laugh regarding the TOS for the Sion chickens. Apparently if you get rid of your chickens or kill them or something, you’re supposed to tell Sion about it.

Uh. Whoops.

So therefore, I am addressing this letter to Mr. Sion Zaius.

Dear Sion,

It’s totally dead.


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This took forever. LOL

I think today I’ve written about 7 blog posts in here. None of them made it. lol There’s just so much in my head these days, and for the first time in a while, it’s hard for me to write. Not that anything is necessarily bad, don’t think that at all. I’m exceptionally lucky and blessed in my SLife. But there are things I would change. There are things I could change.

I’ve pretty much given up on chickens. I sank WAY too much money into them when I could have been buying shoes. :-p Most of my chickens are dead up in my sky coop, but if anyone is interested in buying, I will gladly revive them. I have a male scarce, a 1st generation male ancient, a couple of new waves [male & female, I believe], and a female original. If you want them, let me know. I know some people are totally into them and that’s cool, but for me…well, I’d rather buy new hair.

Oh, and if anyone is looking for land, I have a parcel available on my island. 4416sqm/1010 prims. Best neighbors in the world. If you’re interested, IM me.

I’m really excited this week because I get to DJ the one year wedding anniversary for Tymmerie and Jerremy! It should be a really fun time and I already have ideas for some music I want to play. I can’t believe it’s been a year! I can still remember what I wore to their wedding. 🙂

No one has gotten married in SL lately. What’s up with that? There have been partnerings, but no weddings. 😦 I love weddings, I always wanted one. I guess we’ll just have to wait until October for Sai’s wedding. 🙂

I guess I should get in bed. I have a ton of things to do tomorrow and I’m supposed to go out tomorrow night with some high school friends [although I don’t really want to] so I need my beauty sleep.

And again, so this isn’t just a text post, here’s a picture of the day I made toast.


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Blah blah blah. LOL

I should be working on a couple of review posts for my new review blog, but I’m tired. My first review post showed up on Avanista today, which was REALLY weird to me for some reason. We’ve had WTFug on the feed there since it started, so it’s not like I’ve never see a post of mine on a feed before, but it was more like, “Oh, hey, look at me reviewing something like I know what I’m talking about…” LOL

Oh, I haven’t done a chicken update in a while. Umm…well, there have been some deaths, some adoptions [not me adopting, others adopting mine], and some births. Duncan, the black chicken of death, grew to breeding age and killed one rooster, and then killed Pollos Rylan & Pumpkin. I guess they couldn’t handle him? But Pollo Sehra, who was recently revived from an accidental starvation, has now had 4 babies from Duncan. Unfortunately, they were all Originals, much to my dismay. Nikki and Al had run away to the beach and have been living in a pen with Randy, and now Nikki’s popping out babies like mad. One of her babies met a sad death when I was on the beach shooting an exploding trailer and it got caught in the fire. Oops. Yeah, I guess I’m almost kinda over the whole chicken thing, but not over enough to just give them all away or let them wander into the ocean.

I really didn’t plan anything for a hump day party this week. My new kitten, Holly, goes in for her spaying in the morning [we have to be there in 5 hours, actually], and I have a feeling I’m going to be spending most of the evening making sure she’s ok. She’s barely 3 months old so she’s going to be seen by the baby surgeon. My poor little girl. She’s sleeping half on the keyboard and half on my hand right now, making typing pretty hard.

But, I am DJing the SL Bloggers party this coming weekend. I’m really excited about that!! I’m torn between trying to put together a playlist or doing what I do best and winging it. LOL

Ok, since I do have to be up in about 4 hours to get Holly ready to go, I guess I should get in bed. I was trying to put the pictures together for a Belle Belle review I’m doing and I thought this one was cute, so I had to doctor it up more. Noel had to pose with me for the review because I made him. 😉 The review pics won’t be this photoshopped up because I hate when people do that, but here I can play. 🙂 Goodnight all.

Cute Secrets

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Parties and Pollos

I am SO excited. I got the tracking number and my new video card is scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday! Can I get a HELL YEAH?! It has been horrible working off whatever internal default piece of crap I don’t even know what all card the past month. I’ll be low lag again. I’ll be able to go to stores with my friends and not have to say, “Yeah, I know we’ve been here 10 minutes, but I’m not rezzed yet.” I’ll be able to see dances actually moving smoothly, not the mostly jerky thing I see now. [Noel and I went to get some dances today. He wanted my opinion but unfortunately I couldn’t really give much of one being that I was running at about 3 FPS at the time. So so sad.] I’ll be able to see terrain and shiny and local lighting again! AND I’ll be able to take decent pictures again without practically crashing after each one!! I am so happy.

Speaking of happy, we had a fab hump day party! When I brought up the Fairy Tale theme, I could feel my friends cringe. But they definitely outdid themselves on the costumes!! So many great great outfits and I hope someone got some pics. I managed to get one and I tried to fix it up in Photoshop to make it a little less icky.

Fairy Tale Party

The party was just so much fun and there was a BIG discussion about living in a place called Poon. I ❤ my friends. They are seriously the most amazing people you'd want to meet. 🙂

And yeah…I went overboard on the sparkles again. I have a sickness for my sparkly stars!! They even managed to get into this pic and I swear they weren’t there before. lol

Dancing :)

Right before I was going to log off for bed, I went to check on the chickens. Pollo Sophia wasn’t doing too well earlier because she forgot where the food dish was. Well, to be fair, she just got a little confused. We had 2 dishes out because Noel needed to upgrade his rooster, and after that food was gone, Pollo Sophia forgot there was another bowl. But she’s doing way better now. [Pollo Pumpkin never ever forgets where the food is.] So as I was about to walk away, I noticed something running through the flowers.


Baby chicken!!

Meet Pollo Lola, the shankingest chicken on the block. I don’t know which of my puta pollos had her, but I’m betting on Pollo Pumpkin since Pollo Lola seems to follow her the most. I’m just so sad I wasn’t there for the egg hatching!! I didn’t even KNOW. I was upstairs partying and there was life being done down below.

Ack, 6am!!

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Ever have one of those days where you feel like nothing you do is right? I’m having one of those days today. I just woke up feeling really … icky. Like I just need someone to stop my brain from spinning and tell me everything is fine.

As requested, chicken update. Pollo Sophia & Pollo Pumpkin, and Noel’s Randy Rooster, are all doing well in my pen. They’re getting bigger by the day and eating well. For those of you with fresh hatched chickens, don’t get worried if they don’t eat right away, or even move much. They’re very very tired when they’re born. I put Elle in the pen with them so she could run around, too. I know, they should be enemies, but my animals all love each other. I said I was developing a farm, but Noel says I can’t be a farmer because I have too many skirts.

Also, if you haven’t read Nika’s chicken blog posts, you need to.

I went on a mad freebie gathering on Xstreet the other night and I STILL have no idea what all I got. I’m trying to still sort through, but it’s not working very well.

Oh, we were talking about this a while ago, but I never brought it up in here. As some of you remember, last June we had a week of doing the Big Bad Blogger Challenge. Is anyone up for it this year? I thought we all had a good time last year, especially the party in the rave ball where most of the challengers came. I’d love to do that again this year if anyone is interested.

Ok…I’m really NOT in a writing mood. I think I’ll log in and dig into my objects folder again and sit with the chickens.

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Chicken Frenzy!!

I heard tonight that Miriel Enfield is packing up soon, shutting down her store, giving up her sim, the whole thing. I’m terribly sad over the news. I have been wearing Miriel eyes almost exclusively for at least the past year. Her “Open Ocean” color is one that I’ve probably worn the most in my blog posts and out on the grid, just because they are clear, bright, and get me noticed. I have almost every color of hers, and what I don’t have, I hope to get before she closes her doors for good. I like to match my eyes to my outfits. If you’ve never bought Miriel eyes, you owe it to yourself to go pick up at least – at LEAST – one pair. Inexpensive and gorgeous, you won’t be sorry. I wear her Standard size, but if you prefer a smaller eye, she does have the Realistic size. Oh, and the Anime eyes, which are huge and gorgeous and I wore those for quite a while in the early summer last year. And you absolutely MUST see her sim. It is unbelievably natural and beautiful. I’m hoping my new video card comes in before she shuts down for good so I can run out there and take photos.

So we’ve been getting chicken crazy over the past few days. You see, Nikki [yes, I’m blaming her] mentioned one night in the group that she had won some chicken eggs from a Midnight Mania board, and the chickens eat food and grow and lay eggs and whatnot. I can’t resist useless stuff, so of course I had to get them, as I mentioned in the blog before. And then it was chicken frenzy!!! I swear, everyone is getting them! But gosh, they are just so fun. And not fun in the sense that you have to do a lot for them. But just fun in general.

Nika and Keeme got their chickens, which produced a couple of awesome blogposts. Rylan & Aldwyn got their baby chicks, which sent Rylan into mommy mode and they even had a family portrait taken. Sophia is living with her kitten and 2 chickens in their skybox [I’m not sure Skyhawke knows this!]. And tonight Noel got his eggs and came over to hatch one in my pen with Pollo Sophia & Pollo Pumpkin. We’re hoping for a boy.

Waiting again

As we were sitting there staring at the egg, Pollo Sophia & Pollo Pumpkin started going all crazy. Pumpkin wouldn’t get her ass off the food dish, even sleeping in it, and Sophia started freaking out and pacing back and forth really really fast. We moved the food out from under Pumpkin, which sent her into a freak out. But I managed to click on both crazy chickens, tell them where their home was, and they were fine again. If for some reason this new egg is a girl, I’m naming her Pollo Lola, the shankingest chicken on the block!

I need to go to bed. All this chicken excitement is too much for me.

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Chicken Update

Ok, I’m going to bed after a pretty good night [made better by a snuggle from someone I was missing!] but I wanted to do a chicken update.

My eggs came to me early, around 5ish, and I know for a fact that there had only been 56 people on the board because I had JUST come from the chicken place. But I’m not complaining because I so wanted my chickens! I made a little pen for them, since Nikki said her chickens kept trying to drown themselves and I sure didn’t need them going overboard and falling down on the beach. Supposedly if you put them back in your inventory, they die because the weight of your inventory crushes them to death. I know, right? :-p So I made a pen, set my eggs out and waited.

And waited.


About 2 hours later…


Baby chicken!!

I ended up with 2 girl chickens, which I named Sophia & Pumpkin. I figure if I name them after those 2, I’ll be less likely to kill them. Um, kill the chickens. Not the girls. :-p Of course, if the chickens do die, I’ll feel really bad.

They are very cute, and run around the pen trying to get out when they’re not sleeping.

Sleepy chick

If you didn’t know, you have to buy food to feed the chickens. If you don’t feed them, they die. I bought a food set on Xstreet for $240L and it came with 4 dishes of food. I gave one to Soph so her chicken, which is named after me, won’t die. Of course, her chicken is a rooster. Do you still call a rooster a chicken? A hen is a female chicken, right? Or… oh, hell, I’m such a city girl. I don’t know jack about chickens.

But I do know these 2 chickens of mine need to eat more. They’re always hungry, but only one has eaten a bite. If I log in tomorrow and their anorexic asses are keeled over in the pen, I’m going to be mad.


Thank god I don’t have to feed the kitten or she’ll die. She’d have been dead a long time ago.

Oh, but you do have to bathe the cat. For a couple of days I’d logged in and wondered why she was no longer bright. Then I bathed her. Ohhhh.

Yeah. On second thought…maybe I shouldn’t be a prim pet mom. I don’t seem to be that good at it. Thankfully I’m not into prim babies, or you’d see my baby crawling on the beach after falling off the sky platform, diaper full, half starved, while I sat up in the skybox admiring new shoes and wondering where the baby had run off to.