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Day 1 – The final night


I’m quietly excited. Like, so excited that I can’t even actually be that loud about it. Have you ever been like that?

Day 1 - The final night

I seriously have amazing friends. They’ve been sending Aldwyn & me gifts all night, even though we did not expect it at all! We’ve gotten kitchen appliances and things for the house and fun gifts to play with. I’ve been writing the names of people next to the gift so that I remember who sent what and I can send thank you notes later.

We spent a few hours tonight just making sure that everything was right where it needed to be. As long as everyone who needs to be there shows up, we should be golden.

My main worry at this point is that I might be feeling sick tomorrow. I got a flu shot today, and unfortunately that usually makes me feel sick for a couple of days afterwards. I will DRAG myself to the wedding if necessary, but I’m hoping I don’t feel too awful so that I can enjoy it, you know? Of course, I don’t think it’s a huge concern because I’m going to be so happy, that will absolutely override any flu.

I can’t believe tomorrow at this time, I’ll be married. 🙂 I really cannot believe it.

Aldwyn: I’ll see you tomorrow.

Me: I’ll be the one in white.

Aldwyn: And I’ll be the one standing there waiting for you.

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Day 2 – Starting to feel it!!

Okay. Honestly? I’m really starting to feel it now.

Day 2 - Starting to feel it

The excitement is building up inside of me, like ..

Oh for pete’s sake. LMAO

[19:18] Alicia Chenaux: It’s an afternoon garden wedding, so I wouldn’t go all out formal, but anything pretty that you like should work. Please keep your boobs covered until the reception though.

[19:18] Heidi Halberstadt: FUCK

[19:19] Tymmerie Thorne: *changes her outfit*

[19:19] Alicia Chenaux: LOL!!!

[19:19] Elle Kirshner: even the DJ? or is there a DJ boobie exception?

[19:19] Alicia Chenaux: Oh, you can show your boobs anytime!

[19:19] Heidi Halberstadt: I vote for DJ being the exception.

[19:19] Ulaa Coronet: i love DJ tits

[19:19] Ulaa Coronet: more tips

[19:19] Heidi Halberstadt: There’s always time for THE RACK

[19:20] Alicia Chenaux: Oh god. Someone’s going to pull a strip pole out at the reception, aren’t they?

[19:20] Sehra Kauffman: like… short dress or longer?

[19:20] Blackhawk60 Sikorsky: is it not good if i wear my freenis, i can hide it as long as people promise not to see hidden prims

[19:20] Ulaa Coronet: im gonna drop a tip jar i dunno about anyone else

[19:20] Heidi Halberstadt: Imma gonna wear mah silks

And that’s what I have to put up with!!!

Anyway… LOL

I’m getting very excited. Every time I look at the benches, the altar, the gazebo, my heart just swells and flutters with happiness. I have re-read the words I’ve written to say to Aldwyn at the ceremony probably 20 times tonight, and each time I tear up a little.

I’ve had good and bad times in my SLife, as we all have, but never did I think I’d ever be this happy! It just feels RIGHT, you know? Just so so so right.

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I’d like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You’ve been there you understand
It’s all part of a grander plan that is coming true.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true…
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

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Day 3 – Finishing the vows

Ooh damn y’all. We are coming down TO it.

This evening I spent a couple of hours finishing my vows. I totally teared up while finishing them up, I’ll admit it. Who wouldn’t cry while writing nice stuff about their future husband?? :-p

Day 3 - Finishing The Vows

There’s not really all that much to report today. We really finished up the main bulk of the shopping and stuff last night so today has been quiet. But we’re heading into the weekend and I just know I’m going to start getting more and more crazy.

Actually, I was getting kind of nuts about the “Something old, something new” bit. My dress, shoes, and hair are new. I’ll be wearing a very old pair of earrings from Flirt. My shoes are blue. But the something borrowed bit was troubling me. Luckily, Ulaa reminded me that Sixx loaned us the reception tables, so that totally counts as my something borrowed. Woot!

I keep having crazy dreams about the wedding. Night before last, I dreamed that we were at the church and Ulaa wasn’t there. I kept running to the window to see if she was there yet and she wasn’t. Then people I hadn’t invited, like an old sorority sister and my RL Bestie and her hubby, showed up and I was struggling to add them to the access list really fast. Then when it was time to get to the altar, I took the wrong turn and got lost and ended up running all over trying to get up to where Aldwyn was. The minister was drunk and kept baptizing him at the altar. I don’t know what any of that meant!! Then LAST night, I had another dream that I couldn’t quite get to the altar and I kept trying to call, despite the fact that I was pretty close by. And then only 2-3 people showed up for the reception and I was so upset!

I really hope that these dreams are my way of working out any worries and that nothing like that actually happens on Sunday. Of course, when I told Al that I was worried about the whole getting lost to the altar part, he told me that if I got lost, he’d come and find me. Awww. That’s my man!

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Day 4 – Looking for cake, what do you think??

Heard during our shopping trip tonight:

Aldwyn: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Looking for CAKE.”


Me: “You’re not the boss of me!”

Aldwyn: “Not until Sunday.”


We have gotten much accomplished! Sixx was a dear and came and dropped us some tables & chairs, we bought the bouquets & boutonnieres, we bought the cake [which was bigger than I thought it would be!], I put out the champagne, Al bought the dance we’ll use for our first dance, and then he proceeded to yell at it because it had hovertext.

Day 4 - Looking For Cake, What Do You THINK?

All that has to be done now is…. well, not much!! The music has been sent, I have shoes, we both have rings, we have the officiant, Ulaa has her dress, I have my dress, Al has his tux… We are zipping along here!!

I really wanted to thank you guys who have been following along, supporting us, and genuinely making us feel very loved. You guys don’t realize how much it means to both of us! We hope to see some of you at our reception!! I know I haven’t had a chance to meet everyone who reads my blog in person, and it really would be nice to see some of you at the reception. 🙂 And hey, it’s not a party until the sim crashes, am I right??

Reception Invitation

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Day 5 – I Found Shoes!

Guess what??

I found SHOES!

Day 5 - I found shoes!

No, they don’t come with the socks. I just happened to be wearing socks and I’m too lazy to get undressed sometimes. But yay SHOES! They’re the flower pumps from G Field and the perfect color of blue and I love them and I almost never want to take them off because THANK GOD I FOUND SHOES.

Ooh, and!! Do you see the table back there? Sweetheart Jori Watler sent me a Greedy table!!!! Happy! I stayed up too late last night playing Greedy by myself. Playing alone is fun because I always win!!

I also got the ceremony music done and sent off to Elle and I’m almost finished reviewing the ceremony and vows and stuff so I can send back to Pam, but I need Aldwyn to take a look at it first before sending it so he’s not just blindly saying “I do” up there.

Oh, he just did and said it’s fine. Yay. One more thing off the list.

Actually…. all we have now to do is buy the flowers, cake, and set up for the reception. Woot woot!

We’re watching Ulaa build the house we’ll be using after the wedding. It’s big and beautiful and I can’t waittttt to live with my new husband!!!!

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Day 6 – Meeting the officiant

We finally got an officiant!!!! Aldwyn has a friend that HE was officiant for years ago, and so she happily agreed to be our officiant. AND because she’s done this before, she has taken a biiiiggggg load off of my mind! Thank you, Pamala!!!

Oh, and she let me play my first game of Greedy ever, too!

Day 6 - Meeting the Officiant

I did NOT win. But now I want a Greedy table. Why doesn’t the Marketplace have wedding registries?

So… the invites have been sent, the officiant is taking care of some things for us, and she had us set up a group for the wedding party and DJ so she can talk to us as needed. Yay! You guys don’t know HOW much this takes off my shoulders. I was so seriously stressed out about the fact that we didn’t have an officiant and now we do, so woot woot!!

Tomorrow is simply HAVE to get the mp3s ready for Elle. That is my #1 top priority. And maybe we’ll do bouquets tomorrow, too.

Gah. And I still need wedding shoes!

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Day 7 – Invites and Poseballs

I’ve been working hard today searching for poses and making invites.

Day 7 - Invites and Poseballs

I *think* I have found the pose I want for the inside of the invite. But of course Aldwyn has to agree to it. Whenever he is able to get on tonight, we have to do pictures. The invites HAVE to be ready to start sending out by tomorrow evening. If I can at least get the photos taken tonight, I can work on them tomorrow and put the invites together. The written part is done, I finished that earlier and showed it to Al. Well, one of them. I worded it differently in another one, so he’ll have to help me choose. Either one will work. I’m debating on making reception invites but everyone we would invite is on plurk and it would be easier to just put out an invite there. Although…that’s probably tacky. But easy! And who needs more inventory clutter, am I right?

I’m getting itchy, like I know Sunday will come and I’ll be walking down the aisle barefoot to the wrong song and there won’t be anyone to do the ceremony. Hell, I’ll even write the ceremony out and all they have to do is copy & paste!

Okay okay okay. Tonight I’ll take pictures as long as Al gets online before I go to bed. Tomorrow I’ll make them pretty and put the invites together while I’m finalizing the ceremony music list so I can get the mp3s together to send to Elle. Then tomorrow night or Tuesday, we’ll go decide on what bouquets we want. Wednesday, I’ll finish my vows. I have the rough draft written but they have to be cleaned up and all. Thursday, I’ll make sure that we have enough seats and everything is decorated exactly the way we need it. Friday… Oh shit, we need to do a rehearsal, don’t we?! Shiiiiit. LOL I didn’t even THINK about that. I know we’ve been engaged since June but this just seems like it’s coming so fast!!!


Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe…